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Still no response. What is it about the ADA and 504 that you all don't 

Joe Harcz
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December 6 2013 to Pembel et All Consumer Satisfaction Survey

Paul Joseph Harcz, jr.

1365 E. Mt. Morris Rd.

Mt. Morris, MI 48458

joeharcz at comcast.net

To: Mike Pemble

Deputy Director

Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons

Via E-mail

Dear Mr. Pemble (and others),

I am writing you today as a person who is blind and as an applicant of 
services from your “Bureau” and as an advocate to simply request the 
“consumer satisfaction survey” you referenced clearly at today’s Michigan 
Council of Rehabilitation services meeting. I didn’t received mine in the 
mail as you noted you sent out 500 letters.

Thus I’m requesting this instrument and in accessible format of course.

Let’s start out by asking it as a simple plain text enclosure to my e-mail 
address ok?

Then maybe in the next century you might figure out to send it to me in 

Oh, scratch the sarcasm which I just cannot resist and send me the thing 
which by the way folks at BSBP in the state plan say is being conducted by 
an independent body “Michigan State” and then in RSA documents you say the 
Commission for Blind Persons is doing this independent and objective 

And well I’m confused by it all. Sorry it must be an issue with being a 
whiny blind person who wants everything on the up and up.

Regardless I invoke both relevant portions of the Americans with 
Disabilities Act in this regards along with those of the very Rehabilitation 
Act (both Titles 1 and five) in this regards and expect nothing less than a 
timely delivery of requested information in accessible form.

Yes, sir I do expect that BSBP is fully accessible to those who are blind 
and in a timely manner too.


Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

P.S. Those five hundred or so people you said you sent letters to can’t read 
print letters, wink but well...!




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