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Hi Terry and All,

If one looks at the few directories, and all of these job postings one must 
see a tremendous rate of turnover in staff including skilled staff in BSBP 
under the reign of Rodgers. Yet, he claims the contrary in meetings.

This goes to comprehensive needs assessments by the way.

We also have seen a tremendous rise in administrative support staffing while 
qualified field positions rotate and stay vacent.

Bottomline is this in my experience causes severe delays in services if they 
get any at all to the very people who BSBP is funded and charged to serve; 
namely blind Michiganders.

Oh, I assume by the last directory that Essenberger has no support staff in 
the BADP position yet he still makes a nice salary of $104,000 per annum 
with all the fringes too.

Meanwhile, of course blind Michiganders go with out. And what is most tragic 
is the fact that the newly blinded in particular are thus living for the 
most part in squalor, fear and hopelessness. No prospects. No clue of how 
they can live rich and meaningful lives if only they were taught the skills 
of blindness, including travel skills and communications skills with 
adaptive aids including Braille instruction.

Most importantly because they live in a system of forced ignorence....not 
knowing even what exists to increase and promote independence they are 
living in a world of imposed stereotypes, all in their heads.

Now, while blindness in and of itself does not have to be a tragedy, 
certainly these dire and selfhishly imposed, circumstances are tragic.

Has anyone notice that not once has Rodgers or his henchmen ever at public 
meetings talked about the prospects for the average blind person and 
BSBP'sreal mission?

No it is all about him and his little pets.

Frankly I doubt if he has ever really rubbed shoulders with "customers" of 
BSBP like say at the training center.

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> Job Opportunities
> Job #:  6401-14-BSBP-1
> Job Title:  Blind Rehabilitation Instructor - Detroit
> Closing Date/Time:  Mon. 02/10/14 5:00 PM Eastern Time
> Salary:  $20.48 - $36.25 hourly  $1,638.40 - $2,900.00 biweekly
> Job Type:  Permanent Full Time
> Bargaining Unit:  UNITED AUTO WORKERS (UAW)
> Location:  Detroit, Michigan
> Department:  Licensing and Regulatory Affairs - LARA
> |
> Job Description
> This position provides rehabilitation teaching services as well as
> diagnostic assessments
> to blind consumers of the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons in an
> assigned geographic
> area. The position teaches skills of daily living to consumers who are
> blind, enabling
> them to function independently in their homes, jobs, and community. 
> Teachers
> work
> with Blind consumers ages 14 and above. This position also implements the
> Youth Low
> Vision Program for students within the assigned geographic area ages birth
> until
> the student exits the education system if they are only visually impaired
> but not
> blind. This position also provides comprehensive assessments on consumers
> new to
> the agency that is used to assist counselors in developing their
> Comprehensive Assessment
> of Rehabilitation Needs document in the electronic case record. The
> individual is
> responsible for case management which shows the progression of services
> provided
> to consumers. The rehabilitation teacher will attend trainings to enhance
> teaching
> skills and develop in-service training to agencies and organizations.
> Required Education and Experience:
> Education
> Possession of a Master's degree with a major in blind/visually 
> handicapped.
> Experience
> No specific type or amount is required.
> Additional Requirements and Information:
> View the entire job specification at:
> http://www.michigan.gov/documents/BlindRehabilitationInstructor_12114_7.pdf
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