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Wed Jan 29 19:21:58 UTC 2014

Dear Sir,

You've seen requests for consumer satisfaction surveys made from me for months now, in accessible format mind you. And you note in the attached MCRS report that the Director of BSBP has been most cooperative.

It certainly is a totalcontradiction that the Director has been cooperative for he hasn't even responded to my request for said information.
The only ones who don't have in put at all are in fact customers and advocates. And again, we don't even get information!

And in fact BSBP is a chronic and pernicious violator of the civil rights of the blind as I've documented copiously, especially in regards to remitting information in accessible formats in a timely manner, based upon primary consideration, and without surcharge!

These are fundamental, system wide violations of the ADA, Title II subpart e, let alone the requirements under both Title I and 504 of the very Rehabilitation Act of 1973 as amended that funds this scofflaw outfit.

Nothing About Us Without Us,

Joe Harcz



September through November 2013


WORK TEAM:    Customers


MEMBERS:  Mark Eastburg, Trina Edmondson, Caryn Pack Ivey, Brian Sabourin (Chair).




During their meetings, members had discussion and reviewed information related to customer input for individuals served by both the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) and Michigan Rehabilitation Services (MRS).  MRS customer data from various sources was reviewed and analyzed by the team, with trends outlined, areas of concern noted, and questions/answers shared about the current environment at MRS and how this is likely impacting services to customers.  The Council has had many opportunities to be involved with the MRS Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) process, including Council representation on CSS work teams, as well as obtaining customer data, hosting employment focus groups, and conducting other in-person opportunities to gain customer input.  Discussion continued about how some of these components might be carried forward into FY 2014 and beyond.


With the new and developing relationship working with BSBP, it was determined that a request needed to be made for information from the Director about customer satisfaction data and other information related to their services to customers.


Next steps:  MRS has been contacted and requested to share information about MRS services to customers.  This information is in progress and will be reviewed by the team once received.  On the team’s behalf, B. Sabourin (work team chair) has contacted the BSBP Director to communicate the Team’s interest in and request for BSBP data related to services to customers.  This request has been well received and BSBP is also currently working on assembling the requested data for the work team’s review.  

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