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Dear Marlen,

Thank you. These responses however are wholly innacurate including my requests for information that are required to be made accessable pursuant to section504 and the ADA pro forma,especially those related to meetings of BSBP and other VR entities, and most especially information related to the implementation of the State Plan.

MoreoverBSBP itself is not to be conducting the consumer satisfaction survey but, rather an independent agency such as MCRS. And I asked for the instrument and I was an applicant for services from BSBP who had his case closed before it was even opened!

Moreover, BSBP is required to act affirmatively on provision  of information in accessable format and it, in demonstrable fashion and even in this ludicrous respons does not do so. They simply say "We're working on it."

On the issue of student assistants one might inquire of this VR entity how many hired are persons with disabilities pursuant to obligations under Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act? The answer is not one single student assistant hired is a PWD. Not one. Moreover, the response in this message is ludicrous for this is a federally funded V$R entity and would not exist without that funding and mandate. State civil service laws do not "trump" the mission and mandate of the Rehab Act.

Moreover, MCRS needs to look in to the nature of the positions and duties etc. of these hires as the DSU (BSBP() is required to have its personnell, at least 90 percent engaged in the VR business. These hires are engaged in everything but that!

Will write further responses to this but MCRS as the SRC needs to examine BSBP and demand data to ensure that it is acting in accordance with the State Plan and with the Rehabilitation Act.

Again thank you for the response, though it is so very unsatisfactory.


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  Mr. Harcz - I am sending this correspondence at the direction of the Michigan Council for Rehabilitation Services Executive Team with regard to public comments you made at our December 2013 and February 2014 Business Meetings.  Once the MCRS receives public comment a review is conducted to determine the need for any follow up as is related to the federally mandated responsibilities of the Council.  For the comments you made, we determined that follow up was needed with the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) and Client Assistance Program (CAP).  The following issues were determined for BSBP:  accessibility of the BSBP Customer Application for services; the practice of providing accessible materials by the Michigan Administrative Hearings System (MAHS); practice of providing materials in an accessible format; customer satisfaction survey process, implementation and outcome; and the hiring process for student interns.  The following issues were determined for CAP:  the CAP intake process; determining legal representation; and the CAP case tracking system. Attached to this email is a document which provides for the responses received from BSBP and CAP.  Again, on behalf of the MCRS Executive Team, I would like to thank for bringing forth service system issues that affect persons with disabilities that are customers of the public vocational rehabilitation service systems in Michigan.  

  Marlene S. Malloy

  Executive Director

  Michigan Council for Rehabilitation Services

  3490 Belle Chase Way, Suite 110

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