[nfbmi-talk] Minutes National Federation of the Blind of MichiganBoard Meeting March 20, 2014

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Hello Terri,

Thank you as always for producing these minutes. However, I have a couple of 
questions I would like to ask in regards to these minutes.

First, if I recall correctly, I do not believe Donna attended this 
conference call. Therefore, how was it possible for her to make a report 
during this meeting if she did not attend it in the first place? If someone 
else gave the report during the conference call, then I believe this person 
should be mentioned in the minutes as the one who gave the report.

Second, near the end of the minutes it states that "Mark Eagle and Terri 
Wilcox will be on the State Affiliate  Scholarship Committee." However, I do 
not recall any discussion or motions made to create such a committee. If the 
state affiliate would like to sponsor a college scholarship again this year, 
then I believe the state affiliate board would need to make a motion to 
create such a committee and provide the appropriations to spend on a 
scholarship  program. Since there was not a motion to create such a 
committee during this meeting, I do not believe the minutes should reflect 
the creation of such a committee.

I believe the minutes should adequately reflect what actually took place 
during the meeting, and not necessarily what should have taken place during 
the meeting, nor intentions of what should take place after the meeting. 
Therefore, if you could please change the minutes to adequately  reflect who 
provided reports during the meeting, I would greatly appreciate it.


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MichiganBoard Meeting March 20, 2014

> Minutes National Federation of the Blind of Michigan Board Meeting March 
> 20, 2014
> Quorum Larry Posont, Joe Sontag, Terri Wilcox, Mark Eagle, Derek Moore and 
> Dave Robinson      Secretary's Report, Terri Wilcox.
> Dave Robinson moved to adopt the January 23 Minutes.  Derek Moore seconded 
> the motion.  The motion passed.  Treasurer's Report, Mark
> Eagle.  The numbers were the same as during the Quarterly Meeting. 
> Introduction of Participating Members President's Report, Larry
> Posont.  Donna Posont is having a Birding Week end.  The Agenda has been 
> posted.  Space is still available to attend.
> Fund Raising Committee, Mark Eagle, Marcus Simmons and Joe Sontag. 
> Background research was done on dividend companies.  Three
> companies were targeted.  The President or Board can determine how much 
> money to put into the project.  Dividends are paid at least
> once a year with some paying every three or four months.  It is necessary 
> to decide how much money to put toward dividends for the
> next 18 months.  The Board needs a detailed report to decide whether 
> dividends is a good way to earn more money.  Who would manage
> it and what taxes are involved? Leadership Seminar Follow Up.  Leadership 
> Seminar in Michigan, Dave Robinson, Mike Powell, Mary
> Wurtzel, and J.J.  Meddaugh.  The date is for the Michigan leadership 
> Seminar is September 5.  Kim Mohnke and Mike Powell will
> create the list of invitees to the retreat.  The President can also 
> invite.  Fred Wurtzel and Lydia Schuck are working on the
> program plus inviting someone from the national office to come and 
> facilitate.  Washington Seminar Follow Up, J.J.  Meddaugh.
> Follow up with Walberg? Upton? Bentivolio? It is necessary to speak 
> directly with Walberg.  Walberg is on KMI on Friday and might be
> reached.  The Kmi phone number and time for Walberg's visit via radio are 
> needed.  RepresentativeCongressman Dan Kildee said he
> would support Teach and Subminimum Wage legislation.  National Convention, 
> 2014, Orlando Florida July 1-6 Rosen Center Hotel.
> National Convention Funding Assistance? People must register for 
> Convention, sign up to work the exhibit table and register for the
> banquet in order to obtain assistance.  They must also call or email Larry 
> Posont at (313(727-3546 or (906) 387-3546 or email at
> president.nfbmi at gmail.com Four or five people have requested assistance 
> for National Convention.  It is likely that people who
> request assistance will receive $250 unless more than twelve individuals 
> request assistance.  A glass cup with the Braille Alphabet
> is a possibility as a sale item for National Convention.  The mug would 
> sell better with a lid.  Sell mugs for $10.  May 17 Board
> Meeting/Walk-A-Thon in Lansing? The Walk-a-thon will be followed by a 
> meeting and picnic.  Check the list serv rather website for
> details.  The pledge forms will be out later this week.  Insurance will be 
> obtained for the Walk-a-thon.  The Bell Program is August
> 4-15.
> Mailing List Etiquette Report by Joe Sontag and Nick Wilcox.  Nick Wilcox 
> and Joe Sontag will develop guidelines for the listserv.
> Science Camp Report, Fred Wurtzel.  Science Camp is July 28 to August 1.
> Resolutions Update.  Marcus Simmons is helping get a Dr.  Nemeth day into 
> the Legislature. Senator Vincent Gregory is putting
> together a bill.  Joe Harcz is working on Resolutions.  There was a long 
> discussion about blind vendors at the Capitol and State
> Plate.
> The Dog Guide Committee will meet the second Sunday of each month at 6:00 
> via the conference line.  Old Business: A letter was
> written regarding the wood carving show stating that the blind should be 
> paying to attend.  There is a vendor Fair in Lansing March
> 21 showing six voting machines that could be used in Michigan.  Feedback 
> is sought.  There is a form available to obtain Hava funds
> to improve accessibility at polling sites.  New Business: The Members at 
> Large Chapter will meet via the conference line on Monday
> March 24 at 6:30 P.M.  The Flint Chapter will meet on April 12 at the 
> Flint Library.  The Meeting will be 12:00-2:00.  State
> Convention is at the Holiday Inn Gateway in Flint from October 10-12. 
> Mark Eagle and Terri Wilcox will be on the State Affiliate
> Scholarship Committee.  Joe Sontag moved to adjourn at 9-40.  Terri Wilcox 
> seconded the motion.  The motion passed.
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