[nfbmi-talk] Future Reflections article about transition toadulthood

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Thank you. Let me say this on list....

Anna is a joy and a pure treasure by any means and measure. Poetry is free 
and unintential...Grin...

Honestly, however this is precisely why I do the advocacy that I do.

I most sincerely love the calls from your daughter.

And in all humility she "out-classes" me in so many frontiers.

I mean I'm not musical at all and she knows more than I could forget about 
music for example. Anna also is far more mathematically superior to yours 

Moreover, she is basically a gentle soul while I am tempestuous.

These are just a humble short list of Anna's superiority to me with humble 
pie in mind mame.

I am reminded by the notion that God doesn't make junk.

Though not particularly religious myself, your lovely daughter proves this 
maxim to be most true.

I look with relish towards reading this and thank you for the post. But, 
regardless the phone calls from your priceless loved one are enough and 
sooth this savage soul in so many ways I cannot describe them.

Anna has a name. I love her in the best sense of that word for whom she is, 
and she is a true treasure.

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> Hello Listfriends, Here is the link to my article in the new Future 
> Reflections regarding the transition to adulthood of youth who are blind 
> and have additional disabilities.  If you don't know our family, we are 
> parents of an almost 22 year old blind daughter who is bright and verbal, 
> but struggles with Asperger Syndrome and extreme anxiety.  She is learning 
> how to live the life she wants!
> https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/fr/fr33/3/fr330310.htm
> Lydia Schuck
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