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     SILC VISION: To champion systemic change creating inclusive communities across the state for all

            Michigan citizens.




SILC Quarterly Business Meeting


September 12, 2014 - 11:00 a.m.

Crowne Plaza Lansing West

925 S. Creyts Road, Lansing MI 48917


            CALL TO ORDER                                                                                        Sara Grivetti, Chair

            Welcome, Introductions and Opening Remarks

Roll Call/Declaration of a Quorum                                                               Tracy Brown


Approval of September 12, 2014 DRAFT Agenda


Recommendation for Motion:  The September 12, 2014 Quarterly Business Meeting Agenda be approved as (mailed/amended).


            Approval of May 16, 2014 Draft Quarterly Business Meeting Minutes   


Recommendation for Motion:  The May 16, 2014 SILC Council Business Meeting minutes be approved as mailed.


11:05am – 11:20am ~ PUBLIC COMMENT


11:20am – 12:00pm ~ CLOSED SESSION/Employment Matters






1.      Transition Plan                                                                                            Sara Grivetti

2.      Fiscal Reports (Watermelon)                                                                       Michael Hamm

a.       FY 13/14 3rd Quarter (April, May, June) Statement of Fiscal Activity (attached)

b.      July 2014 compiled Statement of Fiscal Activity (attached)

c.       Recommendation for Motion: The FY 13/14 3rd Quarter SILC Fiscal Reports be placed on file.


3.      FY 2015 Grant Submission (Work plan/Budget) to DSUs (attached)           Steven Locke

a.      Recommendation for Motion:   Authorize Council staff to make expenditures, encumber funds and participate in activities as detailed in MRS & BSBP Operational Agreements.


4.      Consent Agenda

a.       Executive Committee (Pink) July Minutes (Attached)

b.      Staff Operations ~ 3rd Quarter Report (Attached)

c.       Recommendation for Motion: To accept and place on file the SILC Consent Agenda.


STATE PLAN                                                                                                             Kellie Boyd                           


A.     State Plan Objective Dashboard & Governor’s I & R Dashboard info. (information only)

B.     SPIL Workgroup Reports: 

a.       Children, Youth & Family Services Workgroup Report – Lisa Cook-Gordon

b.      Service Delivery Workgroup Report – Steven Locke

c.       Transportation Workgroup Report - Robin Bennett


C.     Recommendation for Motion: To accept the Transportation Position paper as written and place on file.


D.    Common Disability Agenda


E.     State Plan FY2014-16

·        Next Committee of the Whole Meeting, Thursday, November 20, 2014


Working Lunch – Presentation to be Announced


I.                   ACTION REQUIRED ITEMS (Yellow)


F.      Old Business: 

a.       SILC Structure Workgroup Report                                                  


G.    New Business:                                                                                                           Sara Grivetti

a.       Treasurer Position- Michael Hamm

b.      Recommendation for Motion: Affirm Michael Hamm to fill Treasurer Vacancy  

c.       Member-at-Large Vacancy

d.      Motion to fill Member-at-Large position on Executive Committee


II.                PUBLIC POLICY


H.    Workforce Innovation Opportunities Act (WIOA) of 2014 update                             Sara Grivetti

·        Strategy Discussion regarding SPIL Development


III.             REPORTS


DSU Reports

                        Michigan Rehabilitation Services – Sue Howell

                        Bureau of Services to Blind Persons – Mike Pemble


Round Robin Q & A Information Sharing ~ Ex-Officios & IL Partners

                        OSA –Wendi Middleton           MDCH – Cindy Kelly              MSHDA – Vacant

121 Project – Mia Smith           DN/M - Kellie Boyd               MDHS - Denise Stork-Phillips        

MDE – Collette Bauman           MPAS – Brian Sabourin                       

LARA – Mike Zimmer MCRS – (written report included)

ORG PRO – Tracy Brown (written report included)


IV.              OTHER 

a.       Agenda, plans, theme suggestions for future meetings.







SILC contact list, CIL Network contact list, Acronyms.          







CART accommodation can be accessed at URL site: http://www.streamtext.net/player?event=SILC during this meeting.


The next COW Meeting is Thursday, November 20, 2014 – Crowne Plaza Lansing West

The next SILC Business Meeting is Friday, November 21, 2014 – Crowne Plaza Lansing West


This meeting is accessible to people with disabilities. People needing accommodations to attend or participate in this meeting Contact Tracy Brown at #517-371-4872 or tracy at misilc.org if you require assistance. ** Members please contact Tracy before the meeting if you will not be attending. ** 


The times stated are estimates and subject to change.

Anyone interested in a particular item should plan on attending the entire meeting.

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