[nfbmi-talk] FW: [IDevices] 5 Million Gmail Passwords Leaked InLatest Hack, Check If Yours Was Compromised

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Tue Sep 16 13:48:37 UTC 2014

Hi Fred,

There was a naughty word in this article, though I personally didn't find it 

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> Hello,
> For anyone, including NFBMI, who uses gmail, this may be a concern.  Not
> sure of this, though.
> Warmest Regards,
> Fred
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> If Yours Was Compromised
> By Ben Reid | September 11th, 2014
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> Despite the stringent measures being put in place by software makers far 
> and
> wide, large-scale security breaches remain a black cloud over modern
> technology, and today, a Russian Bitcoin site has leaked a total of 5
> million Gmail addresses and passwords. Initially, it was suspected that 
> the
> leaks were of passwords specific to the Gmail account in question, 
> although
> now, it seems that the credentials have been snatched from external 
> websites
> of users who signed up using a Google email.
> Precisely how this sizeable inventory of emails and passwords has been
> captured is, at this point in time, anybody's guess, although according to
> information that has come to light via Reddit, it's unlikely that Google 
> is
> at fault here. It is being claimed that up to 60 percent of the leaked
> emails and passwords are still valid, and may have been collected over a
> number of years, but if you're a Gmail user - particularly one who uses 
> the
> same password when signing up to certain sites and services - then you
> should immediately go ahead and check if you've been caught up in this
> latest shitstorm.
> If you're worried that your details may currently be out in the open, 
> point
> your browser over to isleaked.com and enter your email. From there, you'll
> quickly be able to discover if your account is in immediate danger. The 
> site
> is a little hit-and-miss at present due to high traffic, but if you
> persevere with it and try reloading every couple of minutes, you'll get
> lucky eventually.
> If you do find that your details are out in the open, then your next port 
> of
> call will be to change your password immediately. Given that your password
> is out in the public domain, you'll certainly want to opt for something
> completely different to what you had before, and also, ensure that it is 
> as
> strong as it can be. Oh, and be sure to use two-factor authentication
> wherever possible.
> With so many security scandals and breaches of late, one has to wonder
> whether anywhere is safe from the clutches of unsuspected individuals. As
> demonstrated a couple of weeks back with the leaks of ill-obtained 
> celebrity
> photos, nobody can afford to be complacent and not treat online security
> with the respect and concern it so desperately warrants.
> We'll keep you updated on any further developments relating to this Gmail
> leak en masse, so stay tuned!
> (Source: Reddit) (via: TheDailyDot)
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