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The reader is very fast.

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> Today K-NFB Reading Technology and Sensotec announced the release of their image capture and read iPhone app called the KNFB Reader, now available on Apple's App Store on iTunes. The link to the app is KNFB Reader in the Apple App Store.  
> Fast, accurate, and efficient, this app is the latest breakthrough development in mobile reading technology designed for use with or without sight.  
> Commenting on today's release, Mark Riccobono, president of the National Federation of the Blind said: "The KNFB Reader represents an historic leap forward in text recognition and reading technology. Snap a picture and hear the text instantly read aloud. Although it sounds unbelievable, it's really that easy. The ability to read print wherever you are, even if you can't see it, is truly a dream come true thanks to Ray Kurzweil whose groundbreaking work forty years ago and since has made this day possible."
> According to James Gashel, vice president of business development at K-NFB Reading Technology, the new KNFB Reader app has been optimized for use on the iPhone 5s but can also be used on the iPhone 5 and 5c as well. The current version of the app is able to recognize and speak text in English and eleven other languages with many more expected to be added. "This app has attracted excitement among those who need it worldwide, promising to be life-changing technology," Gashel said. 
> For more information about the KNFB Reader iPhone app send an email message to support at knfbreader.com, visit our website knfbreader.com. Follow @KNFBReader on twitter and like us on Facebook.
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