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Ok all here is a lesson in basic democracy with a small "d" and a blast from the past with an emphasis on the present. Bottom line is there are personnel sucking at the breast of    the blind of federal funding while violating our rights of access to the system and while expressing escallatoring and venal, in documented form actions against we the blind in various forms. All the while they like the likes of Bob Robertson who is the work avoidance king of the past and present century by any measure and Lisa Kisial who is a documented, publicly funded liar, scofflaw and one who wouldn't know rehabilitation programs for the blind if it bit her upon her posterior. For she is and has been nothing but an excuser for lack of performance, compliance and other things in the rehab system here while only caving to Rodgers, Arwood and others in a cick and kow tow fashion to sell us all out. Sorry if these terms are expressive, but what does one call a documented liar, cheat and theif of the funds and promise for all people who are blind at the public trust, and in the public interest by a publicly funded person over time?

Now, some might call this "uncollegial", some might call it "profane". Some might call what I say and what I document this or that or the other thing. I don't care. What is is what is. Facts, documented facts, are what theyare. Denial of them gets us nowhere. The system here is nothing short of a federal racketeering operation and that is being kind. Sue me Mr. Rodgers and all if you can counter my assertions with facts and I'll remind you all that the ultimate defense for such assertions under even Michigan constitution law is "the truth". And I speak and write the documented truth here and have always done so.

Here is the latest outrage by any measure and any trust of public funds and any expenditure of same for the purposes of those who are blind by the feds and the citizens of this country: "Currently there are five (5) persons who are nominally blind in the training center in Kalamazoo, Michigan! Five! Five! I repeat Five!

And of course the same people in this olden message practice the same things as tthey did then only worse while taking federally funded paychecks for the rehabalitation of blind folks who desparaetly need basics like travel training, assistive technology equipment and services, and so on and so forth; even bad basics. Shoot folks we ain't even given bad basics here. But the machine is continually being funded and the same old actors and more corrupted administrators are fundd without accountability.

And I and others who point out this public corruption by any measure let alone by a blindness, consumer advocate, Federationist, measure are often criticized and condemned, diminished and otherwise often even censorred or a victim of censorship?

So what gives here? Are we an organization of the blind fighting for the blind and for the rights of the blind or are we some whimpy, sometimes goodfeellows with hat in hands begging for services and perks for some which are already given and promised and funded like a bunch of beggers upon the streets with tin cups? Are we the neuterred ACB or are we another corrupted agency hacknoid or are we the organization I first joined in 1987, a militant, advocacy, civil rights organization of the blind and one that didn't mince words or mince deeds but, rather acted on behalf and for all people who are blind?

And if these things and those before it made people "uncormfortable" did we or other disabilities advocates care about the impact of our stark words or actions or, did we care more about the documented violations of our rights, acts of overt discrimination and other acts of infamy, which we called "infamy" and "outrage" against we people who are blind?

II'm wonderring when my organization which had the nominal lable of which I was proud bing "militant" became one that is called by some "whimp"?

Now, I wouldn't stay with a non-militant, "whimp" organization. And I don't think that that is the real direction of NFB. If I did I would lquit this organization in a heartbeat for it isn't the organization I want.

If I am wrong and warriors for civil rights of the blind aren't wanted and welcomed and adhered to then let me know.

I have other things to do than to give to any organization that doesn't honor the civil rights mission of Jacobus Tenbrooek in conception and designe.

We have the right to live in this world and we should know it and we have the right to access this world.

Not, that doesn't exclude for some reason the State of Michigan.


Joe Harcz
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I believe that you are a stellar employee and a true steward of state and federal dollars.  It is very interesting to me how easy judging is until one is walking a mile in your shoes.  Continue the good work and know that I'm pleased to call you my colleague. 


Lisa Kisiel

Assistant Regional Manager

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

Michigan Commission for the Blind

420 E Alcott

Kalamazoo, MI.  49001


Fax 269-382-6836

Main office # 269-337-3875-254



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Carla -


Let me say that as another taxpaying citizen of the United States of America and the State of Michigan, I believe you're doing a fantastic job!  Based on the information and insight provided to us on this listserv, I am your "boss" because I pay taxes. However, you also pay taxes so that must make you my boss!  If we take it a step further, does it mean you and I are our own bosses?  This is so confusing. Seriously, if there is anyone out there who feels like they're not getting their money's worth from me, they may send me a note along with a stamped, self-addressed envelope and I will respectfully send them back a nickel.and they can keep the change.


Bob Robertson

MI Commission for the Blind







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Subject: Fw: FOIA Response to Request of July 19 MCB Special Meeting Transcript



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Subject: Re: FOIA Response to Request of July 19 MCB Special Meeting Transcript


Dear Ms. Haynes, et al,


I did not make my request visa vis the Michigan Freedom of Information Act, but rather under the very Rehabilitation act of 1973 as amended (which pays your paycheck by the by) and the Americans with disabilities act of 1990.


Precisely these "by-law" changes were made pursuant to a variety of applicable state and federal laws and are a part of the minutes all of which have been and are being violated by this action, or in action.


In case you did not realize this fact the Michigan commission for the blind as a constituted board in accordance with both applicable state and federal laws is in effect your "boss". and in fact I as a taxpaying citizen of the United States of America and the State of Michigan is in fact "your boss" in spite of the fact that I'm blind.


Now, Ms. Haynes I know that it is not you doing these things but rather that you are acting under pressure of your scofflaw bosses including director cannon in forestalling and using administrative and other criterion in order to circumvent federal civil rights laws, which trump Cannon and others in LARA.


Regardless, this goes to an immediate request, without surcharge and further forestalling for the documents requested and this goes as a civil rights complaint to O
CR, the United States Department of Justice and as documentation of violations of civil rights.




Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

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  Subject: FOIA Response to Request of July 19 MCB Special Meeting Transcript


  October 17, 2011


  Mr. Paul Joseph Harcz, Jr.

  Email:  joeharcz at comcast.net

  1365 E. Mt. Morris Road

  Mt. Morris, MI  48458


  Dear Mr. Harcz, Jr.:


  This notice is in response to your October 11, 2011 email request (attached) for information under the state's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), MCL 15.231 et seq., received by this office on October 12, 2011.  


  Please be informed that the Department is processing your request under the state's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), MCL 15.231 et seq.


  You have requested information described in your request as:  the July 19 Special Board meeting minutes in transcript form. 


  Pursuant to MCL 15.235, Section 5(2)(a) of the FOIA, your request is granted as to existing, nonexempt records possessed by the Department/MCB falling within the scope of your request.  Attached to the email of this request, is a transcript of the July 19, 2011, Special Meeting of the Michigan Commission for the Blind Commission Board Meeting.


  Costs to process this request have been waived as such costs are under the Departments $25.00 threshold as established and published per MCL 15.234, Section 4(3) of the FOIA.







  FOIA - P.J. Harcz, Jr.

  October 17, 2011

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  Carla Miller Haynes, FOIA Coordinator

  Michigan Commission for the Blind




  Attachment - Transcript of July 19th Special Meeting of the MCB Commission Board


  cc:       Patrick Cannon

              Mel Farmer

              Susan Turney


  Carla Miller Haynes

  DLARA Michigan Commission for the Blind

  201 N. Washington Sq., 2nd Floor

  P.O. Box 30652

  Lansing, MI  48909

  Phone:  517/373-2063

  FAX: 517/335-5140



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