[nfbmi-talk] Wayne County Airport

Fred Wurtzel f.wurtzel at att.net
Tue Dec 15 01:01:32 UTC 2015



It looks like there may be some positive movement with regard to our
resolution and the airport.  As legal things go, it is impossible to say
much for certain, but President Posont has been in contact with airport
authorities.  There is a meeting Wednesday afternoon at the airport and we
may learn something more concrete, then.  At present Marcus and Mike Powell
are gathering a list of people who may wish to attend.  If anyone in Lansing
would like to go, please let me know. Your voice and or your presence are
important to show that we will not give up until we make things better.  We
will not be treated as second class citizens.


Thanks for your interest.


Warmest Regards,



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