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> Well, I've received the electronic braille labeler from ProxTalker, and here is what I think of this gadget.
> Perhaps I'll tell you what I like about it first.  
> It makes beautiful braille.  The dots are well prominent.  I like the way they feel when reading.  And since metal pins are used for the embossing, duration should be much longer than plastic pins.
> The weight isn't too bad.  Probably in the neighborhood of a Pac Mate.
> I like the "done" beep the unit issues when it is finished embossing.  I also like the fact that the unit will emit a series of beeps if it is turned on accidentally when in a backpack.  I had this happen to me once.  It took me a couple of minutes to realize where the beeps were coming from.  Since the power button is a toggle switch, the unit can be turned on rather easily.
> Now since I didn't purchase the qwerty keyboard the company offers, I don't know how it performs when using that peripheral.  But I assume the result wouldn't be any different.
> Now what I don't like about the electronic labeler.
> The shape.  I find the kidney shape rather odd.  I expected it to be rectangular.  Even oblong would have been fine.  But kidney?  Even the lady that took my order said she was taken aback when she saw the shape for the first time.
> The speed.  It is surprisingly slow.  I thought it would be faster than what it is.  When I brailled a label with my granddude's name on it, it took about 5 seconds to finish the 3 letters I wrote!  To reiterate what I said above.  I don't think a qwerty keyboard would speed up the performance.  And speaking of the qwerty keyboard.  I was disappointed that a micro USB adaptor wasn't included.  But I guess they get a percentage from Dell for the sale of the qwerty keyboard they offer.
> They say a carrying case can be used.  However, no such case exist for the labeler.  I was told there is one in development.  Availability is to be announced.
> There are 2 hooks for a neck strap, which the company does not offer either.
> Although the unit can run on ac power, the ac adaptor is not included in the package.
> I found it queer that the unit has an audio jack installed.  I asked why, and I was told that other features were under consideration during the production.  But nothing never came to fruition.
> [My assumption is, an MP3 player was one feature.  I would have suggested a microphone jack for speech input.]
> I assume, since there weren't any braille or audio instructions for the unit, this was geared more for a non-braille reader/user.  The manual has a chart showing how to make braille letters.
> Overall, I like the labeler.  I don't have to worry about label imperfections.  However, I feel, that for $599 ac and USB adaptors should have been included.  I also think a lock button would have been nice to prevent accidental activations.  One may not hear the beep if one is in a noisy environment.  I remove one battery when it is in my backpack.
> Another thing about the price.  At last check, a brailler cost about $200 more than this labeler.  but that's technology.
> So that's it.  I have nothing more to say.  I do use it at work.  That's what I got it for anyway.
> Vince
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