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Minutes National Federation of the Blind of Michigan April 21
Quorum yes, Larry Posont, Terri Wilcox, Mike Powell, Derek Moore, Mark Eagle, Dave Robinson and Mary Wurtzel.

Introduction of Participating Members

Secretary's Report, Terri Wilcox.  Derek Moore moved to accept the Secretary's Report.  Mike Powell seconded the Motion.  The April 
9 Minutes were approved.

Treasurer's Report, Mark Eagle.
NFB of Michigan
Financial Statement
Summary Page
April 21, 2015

General Fund: $56,046.03
Newsline: $2,083.26
Paypal: $0.00
Youth Grant: $9,178.57


  Terri Wilcox moved to adopt the Treasurer's Report.  Derek Moore seconded the motion.  The April 9 Treasurer's Report was 

President's Report, Larry Posont.  Larry Posont has visited the Detroit, Wayne, and Grand Rapids Chapters.  All are active and 
running well.  Mike Powell volunteered to assist with a senior division.  Michigan's Guide Dog law needs to be rewritten since it 
has many violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Mark Eagle, Mary Wurtzel and Larry Keeler will help make this happen. 
The Guide Dog Committee must be proactive.  It is necessary for the committee to draft new Guide Dog Legislation from the National 
model.  The model of the Guide Dog law from the national office is very good.

Agency News, Larry Posont.  A cafeteria was put up for bid but no one will say who applied for it.  Rob Essenberg bid on Rissa 
Patrick-Langtry's location.

A committee is needed to write the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan's response to the report on the Agency.  The report 
will be sent to the Board and the listserv.  The Advisory Committee is not disbanded but it is not meeting.

Drivers Licenses required for civil Service Jobs. The state wants to eliminate people with drunk driving records and people with bad 
driving records.  In the process blind people are eliminated from good jobs.  Derek Moore will help coordinate work on this concern. 
A letter or resolution will be written and taken to a civil service meeting.  Public comment can also be made.
Youth Outreach, Fred Wurtzel Donna Posont.  A brochure is out for Science Camp.  Science Camp brochures, mugs and Newsline will be 
distributed or sold at the Michigan Association of Education and Rehabilitation Conference.

National Convention 2015 May 1 is the deadline to ask for Financial assistance.

Mugs are ordered.  Travel mugs will not be dish washer safe.  A sample of the braille is needed before travel mugs are ordered.

Update Access to Metro Airport, Larry Posont.  There is a picket on Sunday, April 26, from 2:00 to 3:30.  Big accessibility problems 
exist at Metro Airport.  Before, blind people could travel independently after being dropped off was Michigan flyer.  This is no 
longer possible.  Transportation will be provided for the picket from East Lansing, Ann Arbor and Detroit.  Terri Wilcox moved to 
adjourn at 9:08.  Dave Robinson seconded the motion.  The meeting Adjourned.

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