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This post may likely get me removed from this list, but I don't give a hoot
about those politics, and I do care about the truth about the plight of
unemployed and under-employed blind persons, and the pure corruption of
BS4BP employees, who discriminate against certain blind persons, while
making up their own rules as they desire to advance and get their illegal
corrupt way to favoritism, while using their corrupt practice to deny
unemployed qualified blind persons employment in positions they, as fully
employed, steal available opportunities from the blind persons who are
unemployed or under-employed. 


Sometime one receives more than one asks for in a request, and seldom is it
free of charge to obtain.    Note below, Rob Essenberg is clearly employed
with BS4BP when accepting a BEP open facility, as he uses his state e-mail
account to send the acceptance.


While others on this list are not a bit interested in the corruption and
illegal acts of public servants paid by we the taxpayers, I am on a mission
of righteous anger and a commitment to do what I can to expose and put a
stop to the corruption by public officials engaged in such corruption for
personal gain.  This includes any governmental official who has knowledge of
the illegal acts, or is informed about the corruption, has the power,
authority, and duty to affirmatively act to stop the corruption and pursue
justice, and chooses to not act appropriately to fulfill the legal
obligation of their public position.


Lastly, it is stated below it took one-half hour of a BS4BP employee paid
$33 perhour to locate and forward the e-mail information.  The fine
competence and excellence of employment of sighted persons at BS4BP!     




You have requested information you describes as (your email request is


"A copy of the acceptance e-mail or paper letter from Rob Essenbergfor the
award of the State Operations Center snack bar BEP Facility."


Your request is granted as to existing, nonexempt documents in the
possession of the department.  Please find attached an email of April 21,
2015, from Mr. Essenberg regarding acceptance of the BEP Facility Location
of the State Operations Center.


The FOIA cost to produce this report is $16.74 (calculated by using $33.48
which is the hourly wage plus fringe benefits of the Department's lowest
paid employee capable of processing this request multiplied by the amount of
time to process this request which is 1/2 of an hour = $16.74).  As this
amount is below the Department threshold of $25.00 for charging costs
involved in complying with a FOIA request, this FOIA fee is being waived.


FOIA Response - T. Eagle

Page 2 of 2

May 8, 2015


Please note that nothing within the federal American with Disabilities Act
(ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (RA), as amended, or
the state's FOIA (MCL 15.231 et seq.) requires a public body to process FOIA
requests free of charge.  Further, while the ADA and Section 504 of the RA
may mandate that, upon request, material be produced in an accessible format
without charge, neither the ADA or Section 504 of the RA preclude a public
body from charging costs under the state's FOIA.  Thusly, please note that
no labor fee charges have been, or will be, assessed to convert existing,
nonexempt public records responsive to your requests into an accessible
format to forward to you.




Carla Miller Haynes, FOIA Coordinator

Bureau of Services for Blind Persons


Attachments - 2:  Email & Email Request for Information


cc:     Edward F. Rodgers II

Sue Luzenski

          Mike Pemble

Katie Belknap

Cheryl Heibeck

James Hull


E-mail acceptance by Rob Essenberg of BEP facility while employed at
$104,000 by BS4BP:


From: Essenberg, Rob (LARA)  

Sent: Tuesday, April 21, 2015 2:39 PM 

To: Heibeck, Cheryl (LARA); Hull, James (LARA) 

Cc: Pemble, Mike (LARA); Belknap, Katie (LARA) 

Subject: Acceptance of the Operations Center 


Hi Sherri and James, I would like to accept the bid on the Operations
Center. I received a phone call from Sherri Heibeck on April 21, 2015,
informing me that I was high bidder on the Operations Center, and I needed
to send her my acceptance, or rejection of the facility.   This email will
serve as my written acceptance of the Operations Center.  If any further
communication is needed, please let me know. 


Thank you, Rob 


Rob Essenberg

Michigan Bureau of Services for Blind Persons

Director of BADP

Office: (517) 241-8631

Cell: (517) 643-5822

Fax: (517) 335-5140

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