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This was the BSBBP presentation at the most recent MCRS meeting. One has to laugh until one cries at the utter bovine scatology in implementation. Important for NFB list serve for the record.




Bureau of Services for Blind Persons


BSBP Programs

· Vocational Rehabilitation 

· Youth Low Vision

· BSBP Training Center

· Business Enterprise Program

· Independent Living

· Library Services for the Blind


Definition of Legal Blindness





Vocational Rehabilitation Program

· The purpose of the Vocational Rehabilitation program is to assist eligible consumers to become employed in a career that best suits their current or potential skills and abilities. 

· BSBP services and training are provided at no cost to the consumer, as this program is both State and Federally funded.

· Services may include low vision equipment, vocational training, technical school training, a college education, job development and placement, etc.


Opportunities for Blind Youth

· Youth Low Vision Program: birth – 26 years of age

· Transition Program: 14 years of age – high school graduation/completion

· Summer Programming


Youth Low Vision Program

· The purpose of the Bureau of Services for Blind Person’s Youth Low Vision Program is to allow students to obtain low-vision eye exam and head-borne low-vision devices which will allow the student to participate as fully as possible in an educational setting. Hand-held low-vision devices and video magnifiers are not covered by the 

· The program is open to Youth from birth to 26 years of age with an acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye with best correction, or with a restricted field of 20 degrees or less.

· Referrals to this program must be received from the Teacher Consultant for the Visually Impaired.


Youth Transition Program

· BSBP is able to open a vocational rehabilitation (VR) case at the age of 14, to assist with the successful transition from high school to postsecondary education or employment, based on the student’s goals.

· Transition services are in conjunction with the services provided through the school and the IEP team and often times highlighted during the summer months.


Summer Programming

· “Camp Transition Zone – It’s All a Matter of Perspective” in Northern Michigan. August 18 – 23, 2015 at Camp Daggett. 

· Youth from all over the state ages 14-21, will be learning new vocational skills with the help of BSBP trained staff, Camp Daggett counselors, and volunteers.  This camp is offered at no charge and is open to youth that currently receive or are eligible to receive services from the Bureau of Services for Blind Persons. 

· To print off registration forms directly, please visit http://cmski.org/transitionzone.html . Eligible youth can also contact their BSBP counselor to refer them to the camp program or Julie Clark at (989) 732-5814. 


Summer Programming continued

· Are You Ready!?  to be held in Kalamazoo July 19 – 24, 2015. This program is designed for High School students 14-21 years of age.

· Are You Ready!? has been established as a first step to prepare students for living independently, establishing career goals, and enhancing the skills and abilities of our students. Students will reside at the BSBP training center and complete classes/activities on the campus of Western Michigan University and within the local community.  

· Eligible youth can contact their BSBP counselor to refer them to the program or Danielle Smith at (616) 356-0184. 


Summer Programming continued

· College Prep Program,  to be held on the campus of Western Michigan University, Summer II semester July 5 – August 21, 2015. This program is designed for High School students completing their Junior or Senior year.

· The College Prep program is a summer program designed to provide students who are blind or visually impaired with an opportunity for a college experience prior to becoming full-time students.  Students will live on the campus of Western Michigan University for the Summer II semester and take one college class for college credit. Students will also participate in a host of classes and workshops designed by BSBP and WMU, in addition to having a work experience available to them.  

· Eligible youth can contact their BSBP counselor to refer them to the program or Danielle Smith at (616) 356-0184. 


Summer Programming continued

·        Summer in the City- Grand Rapids June 16-26, 2015

·        Students participate in a series of independent living and employment readiness activities.  Students job shadow, complete an “amazing race” around Grand Rapids using public transit  and participate in a job shadow experience.   

·        Eligible youth can contact their BSBP counselor to refer them to Summer in the City or Shannon McVoy (269) 337-3449.


BSBP Training Center

·        BSBP Training Center is a residential facility providing essential training to legally blind individuals age 15 & up.  

·        Center staff evaluate individual potential, assist in personal adjustment to blindness and develops basic skills for independent living and employment.

·        Skills Training includes: Orientation and Mobility, Communications, Personal Adjustment: Managing and Administering Medications, Monitoring Blood Sugar Levels, Assistive Devices for the Hearing Impaired, Writing Guides, Talking Watches and Clocks, Braille, Computers and Keyboarding, Adaptive Kitchen Skills, Industrial Arts, etc.


BSBPTC Summer Programs

·        BSBPTC has designated the month of July to Transition students during which time students are able to complete training in the following areas:

·           College Assessments

·           Business Enterprise Assessments

·           Personal Adjustment/Skills of Blindness Training

·        Interested youth can contact their BSBP counselor to begin the referral process.  Tours are also available on a daily basis.


Business Enterprise Program

·        The Business Enterprise Program (BEP) provides opportunities for blind persons to operate several types of food service operations:  snack bars, gift shops, c-store operations, vending operations, cafes or cafeterias.

·        BSBP licenses approximately 80 blind persons to manage food service operations all over MI.

·        B E P facilities are found in both federal & state buildings as mandated by law, and the Program has been invited into county buildings, city buildings and private businesses.

·           The Bureau is responsible to establish the facility . . . with a goal for the facility to return at least 120% of federal minimum wage to the blind operator.

·           The Bureau also provides a location to do business, provides the equipment, provides a start-up inventory; and provides general oversight and business consulting.

·           The Bureau licenses the blind manager.  The blind manager is not a State or Bureau employee.


BEP Summer Programs

·        Business Enterprise Program Summer Work Opportunity Program (various Michigan locations):  

·        This food service and vending internship in BSBP’s Business Enterprise Program is for blind and visually impaired high school and college students ages 15-21.  Interns will be paid minimum wage, are expected to work 20-30 hours each week, and may work up to 10 weeks.  The program will provide participants with an opportunity to experience working under supervision, learn work requirements, and develop work skills.  

·        Eligible youth can contact their BSBP counselor to learn more about various locations and referrals to the program. 


Independent Living Program


·        The Independent Living program Part B is designed to serve individuals who meet the definition of legal blindness, who are severely and multiply impaired, and unable to achieve a vocational outcome or full independence. This program is to provide independent living services to enhance that individual's quality of life.   IL Part B consumers will be determined based on the individual's capacity and ability to achieve desired outcome(s).  This service can also be extended to care providers in terms of education and training. 


Braille & Talking Book Library 

·        The Braille and Talking Book Library serves people who are unable to use standard print material due to a visual or physical disability.

·        BTBL offers best sellers, mysteries, westerns, biographies, how-to books and others you would find in a public library. The only difference is that these books and magazine are in Braille or audio format and will arrive at your door through the U.S. postal service. 

·        This service is FREE. There is no charge to mail materials to or from the library.


Braille & Talking Book Library: 
Materials and services available: 

·        Books and magazines in Braille

·        Audio recordings of books and magazines 

·        Described videos (movies for which the visual elements are narrated without interfering with the movie's dialogue or sound

·        Volunteers record materials that are about Michigan and the Great Lakes that are not otherwise provided in audio format.

·        Adaptive devices are available for use in the library including reading machines, speech output for computer technology and Braille displays.

·        Our adaptive technology librarian is available by appointment to familiarize patrons with the use of this equipment.


For Additional Information

·        Braille and Talking Book Library- contact Sue Chinault at (517) 373-5614

·        BSBP Training Center - contact Lisa Kisiel at (269) 337-3848 

·        Business Enterprise Program – contact Sheri Heibeck at (269) 337-3848

·        Vocational Rehabilitation Services for the Blind contact the BSBP office in your area   

·        BSBP Website:  www.michigan.gov/BSBP 



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