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Remembering Veterans who have lost their sight but not their vision. 
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Dear Student,

Since World War I, Hadley has been proud to assist veterans who are 
blind or visually impaired. One of those veterans is Steve Beres, a 
Special Operations Officer who participated in numerous combat tours in 
the Middle East before retiring in 2004. Last month, at the Annual 
Meeting of the Board of Trustees, I was pleased to present Steve with 
Hadley’s prestigious President’s Award for his service not only to 
our country, but also to Hadley, as an enthusiastic student and 
ambassador for our organization.

Steve credits Hadley with helping him manage his vision loss following 
his combat experience. He has taken 15 Hadley courses including those 
focused on braille literacy, technology and business/employment. Today 
he is the Vice President, Service Members and Veterans Affairs Manager 
for Regions Financial Corporation, helping fellow veterans address 
their financial affairs, including obtaining veterans loans.

Every day, Hadley helps veterans across the country like Steve who are 
blind or visually impaired. Last year, nearly 400 veterans were 
enrolled at Hadley, and we have had nearly 1,300 veteran enrollments 
since the launch of our Blinded Veterans Initiative on this day—four 
years ago (11/11/11)—where Steve was the keynote speaker. The 
is designed to help veterans with both service-connected and 
age-related vision loss achieve their personal and professional goals, 
while also supporting their families.

In addition to taking Hadley courses, veterans are currently taking 
advantage of an exciting technology initiative from Hadley called 
New resources, including webinars and instructional videos, are 
improving their lives by providing education on how to use their 
iDevices to obtain safe walking directions, read and send text 
messages, email family and friends and listen to audio books available 
through the National Library Service for the Blind. iFocus helped them 
remain connected, productive, and, perhaps mostly importantly, 
independent and self-sufficient.

Today I ask you to remember all those who have proudly served our country.


Chuck Young

Hadley President

P.S. If you would like to make a contribution to Hadley in honor of a 
fellow veteran, please call 800-323-4238 or visit www.hadley.edu/donate 

Hadley School for the Blind

700 Elm Street. Winnetka, IL 60093

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