[nfbmi-talk] Airport Board Public Comment

Fred Wurtzel f.wurtzel at att.net
Fri Nov 20 18:03:44 UTC 2015

Hello Fellow Federationists,


I wish to let everyone know of our most recent efforts to persuade the Wayne
County Airport Authority Board to agree to our 2014 resolution calling upon
them to return the Michigan Flyer bus stop to its former location near the
international arrivals entrance.  In the past Mary Wurtzel, Marcus Simmons
and myself have addressed the board.  On Thursday, President Larry Posont,
Detroit Chapter President John Scott, Karen Evans, Sabrina Simmons and I all
made public comment to the board.  In addition Tiffany Jenkins was there to
support and encourage us. Following our comments, 2 members of the board met
us in the lobby outside the meeting room and offered to meet with President
Posont and the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America President, Mike
Harris, to work on a solution.  This is progress.


I believe our reasonable, firm, informed and continuous efforts are having
an effect.  There are other indications outside the meeting that our message
is getting through.  This is an entrenched organization and change comes
hard to them.  The WCAA board seems a little more reasonable and willing to
listen and help the Airport Authority to treat us with more respect.


You can feel proud of those who spoke.  Everyone did very well. Our
professionalism and tenacity was very encouraging and made me feel proud to
belong to the National Federation of the Blind of Michigan. 


Warmest Regards,



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