[nfbmi-talk] FYI: Chance To Participate In MIT Accessibility Study

Kane Brolin kbrolin65 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 7 10:55:47 UTC 2015

This is not an NFB-authorized study--in fact, Kim Charlson of ACB
forwarded this to various American Council lists.  But this might have
merit,  I will probably take part.  Whenever someone representing a
major research institution such as MIT shows an interest in us, I
figure it's worthwhile to weigh in.


I am part of a team of MIT alumni and we are gathering some
information about the experience of the blind and visually impaired
community when it comes to interacting with mobile devices and
services. We have a possible technology in mind which we feel may
improve aspects of the experience, however for the moment our goal is
to gather some first hand knowledge of what online mobile interactions
are like for the community. We have created a short survey and would
greatly appreciate as many responses as possible so we can create a
service that is truly tailored to the needs of the blind and visually
impaired. If you are interested in participating please follow the
link below to the form, and please feel free to email me with any
questions at spb at siberman.com


Thank you for your Interest,

Simon Berman


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