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Terry D. Eagle terrydeagle at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 13 16:58:29 UTC 2015

The response below totally ignored my original e-mail point about ALL blind persons, legally blind or totally blind, in need of one universal voting system for the entire class of blind persons.  I can only presume that the researchers have already concluded TOTALLY BLIND persons do not participate in voting.  Go figure.  But then it is MSU doing the research.

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Subject: FW: [nfbmi-talk] MSU UARC - Participants with Low Vision Needed - PAID OPPORTUNITY

Hi Terry,
Thanks for your interest in participating in this study. We are conducting the study to get feedback on a mobile voting user interface prototype with people with various disabilities. Results of the study will inform user interface designers, election officials, voting system manufacturers, and the general public on the specific needs of different user groups, and ways in which those needs can be met with specific user interface design choices.

We've already completed the user experience sessions with people who have dexterity limitations. Now we are setting up sessions with people who have dyslexia, low vision, or no disabilities, which is going to take us a while. We hope to conduct sessions in the future with other groups.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Best regards,

Sarah J. Swierenga, PhD, CPE
Director, Usability/Accessibility Research and Consulting (UARC) University Outreach and Engagement Michigan State University
93 Kellogg Center
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East Lansing, MI 48824
Telephone:  (517) 353-8977
E-mail:  sswieren at msu.edu
WWW: usability.msu.edu

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I am not within the visual field for the study, however I am interested in learning the purpose and objectives of the study, as it does not include persons with less than 20/200 vision.  Voters with blindness, legally or totally blind, as a class of voters need one voting system.

Best regards,
Terry Eagle
Subject: [nfbmi-talk] MSU UARC - Participants with Low Vision Needed - PAID OPPORTUNITY

Mobile Voting Study

Participants with Low VisionNeeded!
We are looking for participants with low vision (20/70 to 20/200) and 21-64 years of age to give feedbackon a tablet voting system. Participants will be paid $25 for a 1½hour session. Contact Sarah Swierenga at 517-353-8977 or uarc at msu.edu (please include your email or phone number and I’ll contact you). For more information, view: usability.msu.edu/participate 

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