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Hello Michigan Federation Members,


A couple weeks ago, I attended the Tri-County meeting to discuss public
Transportation statewide.  Donna Rose, another blind person, was also there.
Larry Posont attended 1 of these meetings in Marquette and J.J. will be or
has attended 1 in Kalamazoo.  I believe some of our Southeastern Michigan
members will be attending similar meetings in their area, though I do not
know who specifically.


The message below describes, in what I feel is kind of paternalistic
language, services available in Ingham, Eaton and Clinton Counties.
Though it is important for agencies to understand available services, this
kind of caretaker attitude is part of the problem when discussing this
issue.  Some, not all, transportation administrators feel they are providing
a service for some kind of "special" group, rather than the high portion of
the state's population that does not drive due to age, disability or lack of
a driver's license.  The idea of a segregated service just for persons with
disabilities also reduces quality and availability of service.  Those
services, like Alger or Grand Traverse counties, where anyone may ride are
better and cheaper services.  Fragmentation of funding, service areas and
populations served is a huge impediment to quality and plentiful service.  


There was much discussion, provoked by Donna and myself, about
cross-boundary transit.  Interestingly, the person who operates Clinton
County's para-transit is the wife of an MSB graduate.  Her husband,
ironically, is working in Eaton county and cannot use public transit to get
to work and back, though he does use public transit for a portion and a
friend for the other portion.  So, some providers do understand the
frustration of these arbitrary and harmful lines which cannot be crossed.
There are no real "bad guys."  This system has grown up kind of like an
unattended lawn with various agencies and jurisdictions trying to do
something.  We, as consumers, need to step up and help bring some
cultivation to this patchwork of services and governments.  It is
interesting that the word "turf" always comes up.  We need to look at the
whole state as 1 large "turf" to be nurtured and tended to raise the best


We have our state convention coming up November 6, 7 and 8 at the Causeway
Bay Hotel and Convention Center in Lansing .  We will be discussing public
transportation, including the Detroit Airport's discrimination against
persons with disabilities.  I hope we can begin to create a movement to
consolidate funding and service provision into rational areas.  The funding
for transportation is so fragmented that it wastes a lot of taxpayer money.
There ought to be just 1 provider for all of Ingham, Eaton and Clinton
Counties, for example.  There should be no "opt-out" provisions for any
jurisdiction.  For example in Southeast Michigan, so many places opt out
that it is very difficult to work or do business using the SMART system.
This is all taxpayer money.  A large portion is federal.  There is no excuse
for not providing the best and most efficient service possible to everyone.


If you need assistance planning cross boundary trips in the Lansing metro
area, including our upcoming convention,  into or out of Ingham, Eaton and
Clinton Counties, you may call Joe Fedewa as detailed below.  The higher
demand we place on this service, the more attention we will draw to the need
for improvements.  So, go ahead and make plans.  This includes people who
live outside the Tri-County area who are traveling to the Lansing area for
activities.  For instance, the Ingham County courthouse is in Mason and the
fairgrounds are also there.  You may wish to attend the fair or need to do
legal business at the Courthouse.  Joe Fedewa is there to assist you with
your trip planning.


I hope this information is useful.  


Warmest Regards,




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Subject: Mobility Management Services for the Tri-County Region


Hi All,


Based on your discussions at the Statewide Transit Regional Workshop a
couple weeks ago, I'd like to introduce you to the Clean Commute Options
program and better explain the program's capabilities as the region's
mobility manager.


As mobility manager, we coordinate transportation services for users of
various needs. Coordinating these services helps lessen the burden on human
services agencies and reduces both emission and congestion levels in the
region. By providing this service, we become the contact for your agency
regarding clients moving across county boundaries or looking for various
transportation options. We assist by helping plan trips with the correct
provider and work to remove barriers for your clients' transportation needs.
This service allows our community members to benefit from a strategy that
provides congestion relief and increased transportation choices.


The CCO Program is a separately funded program housed at CATA, working to
solve mobility issues throughout the entire Tri-County Region. Our mission
is to make mobility issues easier for your agency. When calling our office
we will manage any one of the following services: 


*	Cross boundary transit trips coordination
*	Coordination of any transfers necessary
*	Group trip requests
*	Integration of other transportation providers to fill transit gaps.
*	Incorporating alternate transportation options including: bus,
carpools, vanpools, and biking, to reduce the number of
single-occupant-vehicle trips.
*	Provide information, presentations and discussions at various
centers to help new riders feel comfortable with the various bus services
and how to ride the bus.


If you have any additional questions or concerns, or would like to schedule
me to come speak to your agency and clients about these services, please
feel free to email me or contact the CCO office at (517) 393-7433.


Thank you!


Joseph Fedewa

Clean Commute Options Coordinator

Capital Area Transportation Authority

4615 Tranter Street

Lansing, MI  48910

jfedewa at cata.org

517.393.7433 ex. 277

517.394.3733 (fax)

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