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As a committee member of the Ingham County Equal opportunity Committee. I have pushed for self identifying and increased hiring of persons with disabilities. We have made more progress in the last three months than the state of Michigan has done in 1 year. There is no commitment by state agencies to properly implement directive 2014-1. 
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What a joke. Blind people don't have to self identifiy. State employment practices are worse then ever and this directive is nothing but a lie and a crime on the part of public officials. 
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MIRS Wednesday

Calley Honored For Encouraging Hire Of More State Workers With Disabilities
Lt. Gov. Brian
today was honored with an award from Michigan Rehabilitation Services for his role in pushing state departments to hire more workers with disabilities (See
"Gov's Directive: Hire More People With Disabilities Into State Workforce,"

While there's no hard-and-fast way to track it due to privacy issues, Calley said he's "confident" the state is making progress toward its pledge to hire
more employees with disabilities.

"We don't require anybody to disclose if they even have a disability," Calley said.

At the same time, Calley said the state is in the process of creating a system where hires can self-identify as someone with a disability to be an "inspiration"
for others, which he said would give a better idea behind the "gross number" of those hires.

Another part of the executive directive was to train more existing state employees on "disability etiquette" by July of 2016 to accommodate other workers
with disabilities.

A state report in April, issued as part of the response to the executive directive, found there was no existing formal training for disability etiquette.
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