[nfbmi-talk] Workers Protest Pay for the Disable

Mark Eagle markaeagle at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 18 00:55:54 UTC 2015

Workers Protest Pay for the Disable
 By: Rilwan Balogun - Email Posted: Thu 6:21 PM, Sep 17, 2015
(Lansing, MI) - Tempers flared Thursday afternoon as protesters gathered at the Capitol and police arrested one man they say tried to get past a barricade.The issue isn't discrimination against people with disabilities in employment, transportation, and governmental activities all of which is banned by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. "While we want to celebrate what the ADA has accomplish for people, there's still a lot that needs to be done and our organization was involved in helping to coordinate this event" said Melinda Haus of Michigan Disability Rights Coalition.The protest is about payment at a local company known for giving opportunities to the disabled. Protesters are accusing Peckham Inc. of paying their disabilities workers by piecework which means paying them by the units produced instead of the hourly wage."They know that people with disabilities will not be able to do it as fast and so if they don't reach a certain quota they only get per piece" says Haus.Lt. Governor Brian Calley understands the anger of the protesters but believes everyone must work together to achieve both side's goals."I believe our goals are aligned so we need to find a way to work together to make sure that every single child, every single adult with a disability has access to community but also is included truly included in community life" says Lt. Gov. Calley.Peckham shares the same sentiment, in a statement Peckham says, "people with disabilities deserve the right to work and the right to choose where they work and that we all are stronger together than we are divided."

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