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This post and Rodgers prior response to Joe Harcz further confirms that
Rodgers, like the governor, Rick Snyder, are all liars, yes I said, liars,
concerning the Flint genocide attempt by this administration, of people who
are poor, prominently black, blind and other persons with disabilities.
They all must be charged, tried, convicted, and life imprisoned, for
attempted homicide, negligent homicide, and crimes against humanity as
They must all resign in disgrace, with no-strings attached of no immunity
from criminal prosecution and civil personal liability, or We the People
must remove them from office without delay, and permanently, just as the
humanity damage is permanent to the people harmed by these Hitler types. .  

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Dear Mr. Rodgers,

After my signature line I note the first addition to BSBP's web site related
to the blind and the Flint water crisis. It was only put out when and after
I made requests for information that are still not responded to to this
date. Moreover, I just talked with two people who are blind in Flint who
haven't had so much as a call or a knock on the door from any State of
Michigan agency let alone BSBP.

Moreover, this is a county wide issue and impacts all people who are blind
who have drank that poisoned water in Flint, or had other contact with it
including me and including students who are blind in the Flint school system
of which we know of many.

Moreover as you've been informed information in a variety of alternate
formats is supposed to be produced affirmatively by your lead agency for the
blind. Yet that isn't ever done and it isn't even done upon request as I've
documented over years.
Joe Harcz

(Attached notice from BSBP web site today, converted from pdf:)  STATE OF
February 9, 2016
Release #: 33
  Outreach to Flint's Blind Community Helps Ensure Access to Information and
  Flint, Mich. - The Bureau of Services for Blind Persons (BSBP) is working
to ensure Flint's blind community has access to all information and
resources related to the Flint water emergency. 
 "We have made direct contact with all of the bureau's blind clients who
live in Flint to ensure they have the resources they need and we will
continue to provide assistance to any Flint resident who is blind or
visually impaired," said BSBP Director Edward Rodgers. 
 Bureau staff contacted nearly 40 BSBP clients living in Flint by either
home visit or phone to ensure they had access to all health-related water
emergency information and to offer assistance in obtaining bottled water,
filters, water replacement cartridges and water testing kits. 
 Information is available in braille by contacting the bureau. Flint
residents who are blind or visually impaired and need further assistance or
information should contact Sue Luzenski at the BSBP at
Luzenskis at michigan.gov or 517-335-4265.  The State of Michigan continues to
coordinate response efforts in partnership with the City of Flint, Genesee
County and local community organizations. Additional information about water
response efforts is available at www.michigan.gov/flintwater, by calling
United Way's 211 or visiting www.helpforflint.com.  For more information
about the BSBP, visit www.michigan.gov/bsbp or call 1-800-292-4200, TTY
888-864-1212.  ###
INFORMATION, GO TO www.helpforflint.com. 
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