[nfbmi-talk] Respect-Ability And Its Survey Of Presidential Candidates Re Disabilities Issues

Kane Brolin kbrolin65 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 25 01:30:06 UTC 2016

Hi, everybody.

Just thought I would share this bit of research that shows how the
presidential candidates say they have stood up for or will stand up
for persons with disabilities.  I never have heard of Respect-Ability,
but I think I will subscribe to their blog just so I can keep better
apprised of how well our various issues are dealt with in the halls of
Congress, the courts, and the Oval Office.

I am struck by how little disability-related issues have come up in
the many presidential candidate debates we have heard--on either side
of the aisle.  Also note the following paragraph from
Respect-Ability's most recently published article on this theme:

"While Cruz, Rubio and Trump have addressed a variety of disability
questions on the trail when answering questions by disability
activists, none of the three front-runners have completed
RespectAbility’s #PwDsVote 2016 Campaign Questionnaire. Gov. John
Kasich and Dr. Ben Carson, who round out the Republican field, both
completed parts of the questionnaire. RespectAbility has reached out
to the Cruz, Rubio and Trump campaigns on multiple occasions and will
continue to ask them to complete the questionnaire."

And in just glossing over the accomplishments other candidates have
filled out re the Respect-Ability questionnaire, I am a little taken
aback by how developmentally disabled and autistic people's issues
seem to dominate all else.  Yes, I understand that the autism numbers
are off the chart right now.  But aside from the IDEA Act (supported
mostly by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Sanders), very little about removing
barriers for those with mobility challenges or about doing anything to
get the blind or deaf into the workforce.  Seems no one has a plan for
these things any more, and no one is attempting to get our votes.


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