[nfbmi-talk] FW: need comments asap on free press web site on free press story

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Thu Mar 3 02:51:54 UTC 2016



I got to thinking about this.  Since when are civil rights a matter of opinion polling on the Free Press website?  If this is the way the DOJ conducts our civil rights enforcement, then we are in more trouble than I thought.  So if Brian Sadek can get airport employees to comment then we lose?  What is that?


I have no respect for a system which relys on public opinion to enforce civil rights.  


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Subject: need comments asap on free press web site on free press story


hey team - we need comments PRO RIGHTS - please help me spread the story


the DOJ regional office is reporting how many pro disability rights comments will show up versus anti rights 


please forward to all you know to write even one sentence - to say no segregated buses for the disability community.


thanks so much



see story on free press 



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