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Wed Mar 9 15:25:25 UTC 2016

As demonstrated so often by State government. Lack of response signals that they are liers or they don't view disabled citizens as equal  to themselves and are due no respect. 
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Subject: never responded to request for ada compliance

A failure to respond is a violation of the ADA in and of itself!


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When in this lifetime will you and other state agents bring the State of Michigan, and all of it's activities in to full compliance with the ADA and Section 504?

Moreover, this is a great time to ask you this, given this is the25th anniversary of the ADA:

--Please send me your complete and most recent ADA compliance plan with all meeting minutes, with all findings of all physical barriers, and with all of its identification of same in state owned and leased buildings along with required schedules for full barrier removal; and send me in conjunction with all of this the required people with disabilities  or organizations who engaged in the development and implementation of that "transition plan"... which, by the way was to have been conducted as of January 26, 1992  with all barriers removed by July 26, 1995.

-In addition I am requesting right here and now a complete report with copious details related to your ADA self-evaluation, and relative to the web site and documents access   reference in press coverage more than one year ago and I am requesting the entire state of Michigan's policies, procedures, and practices for remitting information in alternate formats for people such as myself who are legally blind or visually impaired as was required January 26, 1992 under Title II of the ADA alone and more than fourty years ago under the Rehab  Act.

Moreover as a legally blind person any correspondence must be made forthrightly and in accessible format and without surcharge. I'll make it easy send me any responses via simple Word documents or plain text enclosures to my e-mail address here:

Joeharcz at comcast.net


Complete directory information here:

Paul Joseph Harcz,Jr.

1365 E. Mt. Morris Rd.

Mt. Morris, Mi 48458

joeharcz at comcast.net

Phone: 810-516-5262 



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Subject: answering your questions


Wed 9/18/2013 5:05 PM

I thought you mame were the or, ratther are the State of Michigan ADA Coordinator?

Sorry I've only found these things through press reports and other "feelers". Perhaps Ive been misinformed?


Wed 9/18/2013 5:21 PM

I'm sorry I thought from the bottom of this memo that you were and are the so called state of Michigan adA  compliance officer. Am I mis-informed about this highgly imopiortantt civil rights position that is to ensure amonst other things the State of Michigan's compliance or lack thereof of this seminal civil rights law.


Wed 9/18/2013 5:35 PM

Dear Ms. Ellis,

Again I am very confused here, but I'm often confused about  the mechinizations of the strange workings of this State of Michigan. But clearly you are the State of Michigan's "ADA Compliance Officer" or so this memo claims and yet you were engaged in other business today and in this very memo you referred me to another person who, by the way along with the entire Michigan apparatus has in demonstra ble fashion violated the ADA.Sorry I don't get it here.t



Mr. Harcz:

As you can see, I am answering all three of your e-mails to me in this one.


You are correct.  My title is State ADA Compliance Director.  As such, it is one of my job responsibilities to ensure your issues are addressed appropriately.  In my first note to you, I explained that as a member of the public with issues with the Department of Technology, Management and Budget, your concerns are most appropriately addressed by DTMB’s ADA Coordinator, Mr. Joel Hoffman, whose contact information I provided you.


Your understanding of the way to handle your concerns – advising Mr. Hoffman of them - is correct.


One correction, though: as you can see below, my position is located in the DTMB, not the Department of Civil Rights.




Sharon Alston Ellis, J.D.

State ADA Compliance Director

Michigan Dept. of Technology, Management & Budget

Direct: 517.241.1217

Cell: 517.515.8589

Fax: 517.241.5428

elliss1 at michigan.gov




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