[nfbmi-talk] Airportt Update

Fred Wurtzel f.wurtzel at att.net
Thu Mar 10 05:06:02 UTC 2016

Hello Michigan Federationists,


We are winning our year and a half fight for accessible public
transportation to and from Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW).  Thanks to
our resolution in 2014 plus  your efforts along with efforts of our fellow
members to take action, our willingness to write letters and emails, our
willingness to demonstrate and attend Airport board meetings to voice our
demands for accessibility,  the airport has almost fully turned around.  In
a reversal of position, The airport has changed from refusing to consider
altering their decision to move the Michigan Flyer bus stop from an
accessible and convenient  location near International Arrivals to a cold,
noisy stinky and distant place with sounds so loud  it eliminated many blind
persons' ability to travel independently.  All of our efforts have generated
lots of public support.  The Airport Board has received hundreds of letters
from the public critical of their unreasonable actions.  There have been
Detroit Free Press and Detroit News articles and coverage on Detroit


The WCAA has now agreed to create alternative stops which are very
convenient, comfortable and most important, accessible.  However, in a bait
and switch move, the airport showed our members this very good plan for the
bus stops.  After we tentatively agreed with their plan they informed us
that the new stops would be segregated and that only persons with
disabilities, their families and assistants could use them.     Apparently
they have not heard of inclusion, integration and they missed the memo that
"separate but equal," was outlawed in 1954.  Of course, we will never agree
to such prehistoric thinking.  This very question will come before a judge
on Tuesday in Detroit.  We need help from all of you.  We want to fill the
courtroom with blind and other persons with disabilities who want to travel
freely to show the judge that this is a real problem affecting real people.


Transportation to the Detroit court house will be available free of charge.
There will be a bus leaving from East Lansing at 11:15 am on Tuesday March
15 with pick-ups in Ann Arbor at 12:30 and 12:45.  People from Jackson will
be provided transportation if needed.  The bus will  meet a charter bus at
the airport which will provide a ride to the courthouse in downtown Detroit.
Those living in the Detroit area may call me or Mike Powell to arrange for
transportation to the courthouse.  Limited refreshments will be provided.


We have already achieved a lot.  We just need, now, to persuade the judge
that this is an important civil rights issue for blind people.  We will not
be set back more than 60 years by an airport administration that has little
or no concern for providing an accessible travel experience.  Please plan to
join us next Tuesday.


Warmest Regards,



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