[nFBMI-Talk] Looking for some Advocacy Assistance

Christine Boone christineboone2 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 9 22:03:36 UTC 2018

Hi Elizabeth, 

I really like Martha’s suggestion to meet with the Dean of Students. I know you struggle with presenting sometimes, but I have seen you do a good job with this. You could make a list of bullets for each of the points you want to make, and hand that sheet to the dean at the start of your meeting. You could then ask him to help you keep on track because of your nervousness, by reading each bullet point to you, whereupon you could speak to him or her about each of those points when they are read to you. This strategy also turns your meeting into an interactive session and involves the dean in a real way, encouraging the dean to add his own questions to the points on your printed page. I believe this approach could be extremely impactful for you. 

In the alternative, I would be glad to read through any emails or letters you wish to send. I am currently camping at the bottom of a canyon on the Snake River in Idaho so my cell service is extremely limited and wifi is almost never available. Still I can usually get emails and attachments, so might just need a few days turn’around time in case of delays in delivery.

Hope this helps.


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On Sep 9, 2018, at 3:46 PM, Elizabeth Mohnke via NFBMI-Talk <nfbmi-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:

Hello All,

I greatly appreciate all the responses I received in regards to my professor who is not willing to provide me with the accommodations I need for my class. However, I often find it difficult to communicate effectively when I am under a lot of stress or tired. So I am wondering if there is anyone out there who would be willing to help me write emails, fill out any complaint forms, and attend any meetings with college administrators with me. Or at the very least help me by reading through what I write to make sure it sounds okay.

I have put a lot of time and effort into figuring out how to be successful in this class. In fact, I have not been able to spend as much time on my other classes because I have been spending so much time trying to figure out how to deal with this one class. I thought the extra things I have been doing for this class would be enough for me to be successful in this class. So I did not take any notes from the few short meetings I had with my professor. And I was stupid enough not to record any of my meetings with her like I normally do when I meet with people.

So now I have to figure out a way to write out all my interactions with my professor without becoming over emotional about it. The last time I met with my professor all she wanted to do was argue with me. And I ended up crying after my meeting with her. I have never seen a professor be so resistant to any of my accommodations before.

I understand the National Federation of the Blind does not necessarily provide assistance to individuals who are struggling to receive accommodations as a blind student. But I guess I was hoping that there might be someone out there who might be willing to help me.

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