[NFBMI-Talk] Email List to Discuss the Zoom Platform

Mary Ann Robinson brightsmile1953 at comcast.net
Tue Jun 30 02:03:30 UTC 2020




I am reposting information about a Zoom email list

moderated by David Goldfield.  The purpose is for people to ask questions
and to provide support on how to use the Zoom platform.  I believe Mr.
Goldfield is a technology specialist.


He currently has two rules that he'd like all users to follow.


1. All messages should be relevant to Zoom. This can include Zoom on
Windows, Mac, iOS or Android.


2. No harassment or rudeness of any kind will be tolerated.


To join the group, send an email to


zoom-users+subscribe at groups.io <mailto:zoom-users+subscribe at groups.io> 


To send a message to the group the email address to use is


zoom-users at groups.io <mailto:zoom-users at groups.io> 


Mary Ann Robinson

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