[Nfbmo] Two Prayers and a Praise Report

Mary Donahue braille at sbcglobal.net
Sun Dec 14 20:23:16 UTC 2008

Good afternoon everyone,

    As the message states, it's about two prayers and a praise. Let me state 
the praise first, and that is that my supervisor, Vivian Seki, gets her cast 
off tomorrow morning, and will start using a walker. She will start
undergoing physical therapy, too. For the past month, Vivian has been using 
a wheelchair to get around, but has been at work faithfully, and plans to
come into work tomorrow after her cast is off. Unfortunately, she'll have to 
our staff meeting, and she is one of the people with a December birthday who
will be honored.

    Now, it's on to the two prayers. The first is for my dad, Richard (Dick)
Jeatran, who has been hooked up to tubes for his kidneys since August. My
brother Bill called this afternoon about quarter to one this afternoon to 
let me know that Dad had to go into the hospital Wednesday because one of
the tubes in his side got infected. He is home now, but will have to go in
for emergency bladder surgery on Friday morning. Once I know what time the
surgery is, I will post another message to have people pray some more.

    The second prayer request is for Vivian's assistant, Jes`us (Jesse) 
Bonilla, who is having jaw surgery tomorrow morning at Wilfred Hall Medical 
Center, which is a part of Lackland Air Force Base. (Jesse is retired 
military, so he is entitled to have surgeries at Wilfred Hall.) He told us 
the other day that his jaw was pulled out during a football injury in high 
school, and the surgery sounds like it will be quite detailed. Needless to 
say, he will have to eat ground-up food and drink liquids through a straw 
for six weeks because his jaw will be wired up. He will be out all week, so 
he will miss our end-of-year celebration on Friday. This past Thursday was 
his last day of work for this calendar year. He claims that, when he comes 
back to work in January, that he will be able to answer the phone in spite 
of his wired jaw.

    In any case, those are the two prayer requests and the praise report. I 
neglected to mention that my dad's surgery will be at Mayo Clinic, 
Scottsdale, Arizona, where my mother had her cancer treatments. Whatever 
praying you can do will be very much appreciated both for my dad and for 
Jesse. Thank you in advance.

Mary Donahue

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