[Nfbmo] Presidential releases available as MP3's.

Fred goodfolks at charter.net
Sat Nov 8 13:48:18 UTC 2008

Are you the one who is required to bring a cassette recorder/player to your 
chapter meetings to hear the latest presidential release? Do you get tired 
of unplugging that player, finding the cassette and/or making sure someone 
else brings the tape?

Well, I have a solution for you. The Presidential releases are available 
from the NFB headquarters website:


Just type in presidential releases in the search box and you will then be 
given a list of places to find them in various parts. You can also go to the 
NFB - audio/video center and find it there.
Once you have found it, just hit enter on the link, it will start playing, 
hit the Alt key which will take you to the menus for Windows MP3 player, 
arrow down to save as, hit return, then it's merely a matter of using your 
tab key to move through your choices. When you get to the place where you 
are asked to save the item too, you can move through your choices by using 
the up/down arrows. These directions are for Jaws, however I expect they are 
not much different for Window Eyes.
Fred Olver  goodfolks at charter.net

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