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Gary's right. You do have a way of bringing back fond memories. In 
fact, you know how to write so that these things are brought back to 
life. At 07:28 AM 11/10/2008, Gary Wunder wrote:
>I remember that very fondly as well.
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>>For those of you who haven't been members of NFBMO long enough to 
>>remember, the affiliate used to march and have a float in the 
>>American royal Parade in Kansas city each fall.  We didn't have a 
>>band, but those of us young and able enough marched ahead of the 
>>float carrying banners. John Dower used to march out in front 
>>carrying the American flag, and one year we had a blind baton 
>>twirler.  Those not able to walk long distances or who had young 
>>children rode the float.  We did this from about 1972 to 1996.  We 
>>designed and built the floats ourselves.  some of our sighted 
>>members and blind members who knew how to use tools assembled the 
>>float and pounded in the steaks to hold the skirt and bunting.  We 
>>girls did detail work and stretched and stapled the skirt and 
>>bunting.  We worked in the warehouse of the trucking company which 
>>furnished the flatbed truck for the float and as people came from 
>>all over the state, they joined the K.C. chapter in assembling the 
>>float.  Following the parade the K.C. chapter provided a pot luck 
>>lunch and we had a State board meeting.  It was a lot of work, but 
>>also a lot of fun.  members came from all over Missouri and our 
>>Kansas friends from Johnson and Wyndotte Counties came over to 
>>march with us.  There were usually several thousand people along 
>>the parade route who always greeted us enthusiastically and many 
>>thousand more watching on TV.  We also got newspaper coverage from 
>>time to time. Sadly, some of our chapter members felt somewhat 
>>embarrassed doing the float and felt that since there was no 
>>evidence that it got jobs for anyone it was an expense of time and 
>>money not worth the trouble.  The next year the Royal decided the 
>>floats in the parade should all be professionally made.  We 
>>couldn't have aforded that, but I have often thought we might have 
>>found a corporate sponsor.  Think what a great Meet the blind Month 
>>activity we would have had to report.
>>Cordially,  Jim and Jana Moynihan
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