[Nfbmo] Transportation survey for disabled citizens in St. Louis area.

Fred goodfolks at charter.net
Tue Nov 11 13:22:08 UTC 2008


Paraquad is working towards bringing improved accessible taxicab service to 
the St. Louis area.  Unlike other major cities throughout the country, the 
greater St. Louis community has a limited number of accessible taxicabs and 
these vehicles are often difficult to reserve.  The time has come for the 
St. Louis community to join cities like Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, 
Boston and Washington, DC, in making a conscientious effort to increase the 
number of accessible taxicabs in our area.

In order to show a need for improved accessible transportation options in 
the St. Louis area, we must have information from people with disabilities 
about their transportation use.  If you:

þ  Are over the age of 18

þ  Live in the community (i.e. in a private home, apartment, multiple family 
dwelling, or a dorm)

þ  Live in the St. Louis area

þ  Have access to a computer**

þ  Can read at or above the 6th grade level

þ  Can enter responses into a web-based survey or direct another individual 
to enter your responses into a web-based survey


þ  Have either a mobility impairment, a visual impairment, or a hearing 

You are invited to complete an online survey.  You will be compensated for 
your time and effort.  For more information please visit www.paraquad.org 
and follow instructions for the Community Transportation Study.

**If you have any questions or if you do not have access to a computer, 
contact Kimberly Barge at Paraquad, Inc., at 314-289-4355 or 
kbarge at paraquad.org.

Additionally, in the upcoming weeks, members of our community are coming 
together to discuss solutions to the lack of accessible taxicabs throughout 
the St. Louis area.  You are invited to be a part of this open discussion if 
you are a.

·        Person living with a disability

·        Family member of a person living with a disability

·        Member of a disability group or organization


·        Employee of a disability organization

If you are interested in attending this community meeting, please register 
with Kimberly Barge at Paraquad, Inc., at 314-289-4355 or 
kbarge at paraquad.org.


Kirsten Dunham, MSW

Paraquad, Inc.

This meeting and survey are a part of a research study conducted by David B. 
Gray, PhD, at the Washington University Program in Occupational Therapy in 
conjunction with Paraquad, Inc.  This research is funded by the National 
Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research at the US Department of 

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