[Nfbmo] Fw: [NFBAffiliatePresidents] Sign the petition to allow everyone accessto e-books

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 4 15:07:27 UTC 2009

This is very very good sir. I wish I had written it.

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> Gary,
>   I've signed the Kindle petition and added the following text in the 
> comments box:
>    I fully understand why the Author's Guild wishes to protect their 
> copyrighted works, but I don't agree with the contention that 
> screenreading capacity will interfere with sales of  audio book versions 
> of their work.
>      I've used screen readers to read computer screens, text documents and 
> public domain works for 15 years.  Text-to-speech technology allows me 
> indispensable access to printed material.
>    But when it comes to a choice between an author reading their work and 
> text-to-speech, the author will *always* win.  There is no way that 
> artificial speech, as good as it is, can compete with David Sederis 
> reading his own work, or Roy Blount or Andre Codrescu - or anyone else 
> reading their own words.
>    And trying to read poetry via screenreaders is just deadly.  No matter 
> how good text-to-speech gets, nothing will ever replace humans in 
> articulating the nuances of a good book.
>    Please reconsider your objection to the use of text-to-speech on the 
> Kindle.
> Dan Flasar

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