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Hi All,


I keep getting questions on how to order Braille coins from the U. S. Mint, so I thought this information might help some of you.  You first go to www.usmint.gov.  There is a column of links on the left hand side of the page.  Select "shop online".  Then there will be another set of links for the various products.  Select "commemoratives".  That will take you to the order page for the Braille coins.  


There will be three possible selections: a proof coin, which has a frosted finish and mirror like background, an uncirculated coin, and an uncirculated coin with a plastic cover.  The proof coin, which comes without a plastic cover, is $37.95.  Either of the uncirculated ones is $31.95.  Ordering is the same as a lot of online stuff.  Shipping for the two I ordered came to $4.00, which is very reasonable.


There is no difference between the cost of the uncirculated coin with the cover and the uncirculated coin without.  The cover protects the coin from the air and slows the toning (tarnishing, which can actually add to its value).  You can pry the cover off with a knife if you want to feel the coin.  Or you may not want to mess with it.  


The uncirculated coins have the new satin finish which doesn't show finger marks as much.  The mirror finish on the proof coins shows every mark.  You still want to wash any coin you handle with clean water (preferably distilled) and a little mild dishwashing detergent, rinse it with fresh water, and pat (don't rub) it dry with a soft cotton cloth.  Otherwise, the finger marks can become permanent.  


Dick Davis    


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