[Nfbmo] Seeking participants with visual or motor impairments for interview study

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Subject: [vmwb] Seeking participants with visual or motor impairments 
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The University of Washington is seeking people with motor and visual 
impairments for an interview about your use of mobile devices. The 
study consists of a one hour interview followed by a series of brief 
(5 minute) surveys the following week. Please see the attached 
announcement for details. Contact Shani Jayant 
(<mailto:cjayant at cs.washington.edu>cjayant at cs.washington.edu) or 
Shaun Kane (<mailto:skane at u.washington.edu>skane at u.washington.edu) 
for more information. Participants do not need to be in Seattle, this 
can be conducted over the phone and online.

Thank you!
Richard Ladner, Shani Jayant, and Shaun Kane

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