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> Debbie:
> I think you know most of this stuff about me, but you will have it for your
> collection.
> I am a Braille reader. I know the print letters, bot in manuscript and most
> of them in cursive, but I can't see them. I have learned to write them in
> print, and so can write a note to someone if I have no computer or
> typewriter and need to write something. I am, however, not confident enough
> of writing small to be able to write checks. I sign them, but have someone
> else write them out for me. I have labeled my microwave in Braille for
> convenience. I have a Braille-labeled pillbox in which I sort my
> medications on a weekly basis. That is easier than carrying several pill
> bottles with me every day. I identify my medications by touch, and can,
> therefore, sort them myself without assistance. My grocery lists are
> written in Braille, and then I go to the store with someone who can see so
> that they can locate the items that I tell them. That also makes them
> available to write the check that I sign at the store. I hire a reader to
> assist me with bill-paying on a regular basis, preferrably every two weeks.
> I use Braille to copy words or choir music, because I sing in the church
> choir. I also have a hymnal, a Bible, and a collection of words to music,
> so that if we have every sung the song before, it is done. I have a Braille
> printer, and if there is new music, a friend can type the words into the
> computer, e-mail it to me, and then I can make a copy for both my son and
> me, (he also sings in the choir.) I use Braille at work on a daily basis. I
> teach Braille to perhaps as many as fifteen students at a time. I label my
> clothing paryt of the time so that I know what color garments are. This is
> particularly true if I buy two blouses alike except for their color---the
> same for slacks. I take Braille notes in many circumstances, although I
> take notes on the computer when I am interviewing clients. My computer has
> speech access, but my pac-mate also has a Braille display. This permits me
> to read back what I have written without causing disruption during a client
> interview.
> I suspect I have missed many ways that I use Braille, but it is sufficient
> to tell you that Braille is an essential tool to me. I first learned it
> when I was in kindergarten. I have used it all through grade school, high
> school, and both a bachelor's degree and master's degree study. I read
> about 200 words per minute aloud. This is not amazingly fast, but it is
> faster than many Braille users read. I think it is a reasonable
> expectation, if a child is taught Braille at a young age and permitted to
> use it continuously throughout his formative years. We don't develop skill
> in reading without doing so. Think of how it was, parents, when you learned
> print. It did not come without practice. You did not read as well as you
> do now until you were perhaps in 7th grade, and after that, your vocabulary
> continued to develop. This is added to explain why it is so important to
> encourage your children to learn Braille early, and not be too eager to
> insist that they use a computer or Braille notetaker before their Braille
> skills are fully developed.
> What else can I say?
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> Subject: [Nfbmo] employment, education, are you ar Braille or Print Reader
>>I would be interested in hearing from all of you , sharing what type of
>>employment you do? How di you obtain your goals? Do you read Braille, Large
>>Print, both or do you use another medium? If you are a Braille reader
>>please tell at what age you learned Braille, and how it impacts your life.
>>Do you use Braille to label your medicine, CD's, DVD's, microwavewwave? If
>>you use another alternative technique please share that as well.
>> I am hoping to get lots of imput to share with our Parents of Blind
>> Children.
>> Debbie Wunder
>> debbiewunder at earthlink.net
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