[Nfbmo] 200 reasons not to purchase an SM A!

Fred goodfolks at charter.net
Sat Apr 18 11:16:06 UTC 2009

Serotek is a growing company which has provided free software to students in 
grades k-12. In this post, they offer a tremendous savings for new 

Now through April 30, Serotek is offering $200 off System Access
Mobile(tm) for anyone whose software maintenance agreement has lapsed,
or who is not entitled to any additional upgrades with their SMA for
Jaws(r) for Windows(r) or Window-Eyes(tm).  Break away from the tyranny
of price gouging for trivial updates. For just $299, purchase System
Access for two computers that you can change at any time, p lus one
license for a U3 Smart Drive that you can use to make any computer come
alive with speech, Braille,  and screen magnification. And with free
upgrades for life, this will be the last money you will need to spend
for regularly-updated and innovative screen reading and magnification.

Are you wondering just how cost effective this decision would be for
you? Let's take a look at cases where an individual owns the latest
software version of their screen reader, noting that an upgrade path
would be even more expensive for those who are behind on their upgrades.
You could choose to purchase a software maintenance agreement for JAWS
10.0 standard edition
for $180, entitling you to two software upgrades, at which point another
SMA purchase would be necessary. You could choose to purchase a software
maintenance agreement for WindowEyes 7. 1 standard edition
>  for $299, entitling you to three
software upgrades at which point another software maintenance agreement
purchase would be necessary. Or, you could just provide your serial
number as proof that your SMA is past due, and System Access for two
computers and one U3-enabled USB license is yours for only $299, that's
$200 off the regular price of $499.

To get started, simply visit the "my account" section of an existing
SAMNet account. You can do this by opening the System Access menu with
modifier+f and choosing the "My account" option, or by choosing option
16 from the SA Mobile Network Home screen. If you do not yet have an
account with Serotek, you may create one by visiting
>  and choosing the "create new account" option.

Once you have logged in and accessed the "my account" option, choose
"buy more products and services" and follow the prompts in the buy

You can also receive assistance from a Serotek sales representative by
calling (612) 246-4818.

The Serotek Team

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