[Nfbmo] robin, rural mo killed the metro grant

robynwallen at juno.com robynwallen at juno.com
Fri Apr 24 16:40:56 UTC 2009

actually the speaker of the house was at first opposed to the bill but
then reversed his decision under pressure but I think a lot of political
games are at play here.  I don't think it had a fair chance and now we
have some serious issues to resolve.  Several groups for transit are
forming in St Louis and I am the head of the MCB transportation Committee
and I have asked that we all worked together.  I know I spoke to Gary
about this at the NFB state convention because this is a time when all
groups need to come together.  I am collecting information on alternative
transportation options in St Louis but am also working with two new
groups being formed.  If anyone in NFB would like to help please contact

robynwallen at juno.com
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