[Nfbmo] Best email system for screen readers

danflasar at aol.com danflasar at aol.com
Thu Aug 27 23:42:45 UTC 2009

Hi all,
      In accordance with the Law of the Inevitability of Behavioral 
Change ("People will continue to do what they are doing until it is 
more painful to continue than it is to change")
I have finally decided that AOL is simply too painful to continue to 
subject myself to it's intrusive commercialism than it is to learn 
something new.
     What do y'all find to be the best email program, client, etc.?  I 
have a high speed DSL, a reasonably powerful processor, substantial 
memory and plenty of disk space.
     I use JAWS.
Features I want:
1.  No huge all-inclusive environment - AOL takes up a huge amount of 
memory, space and crashes VISTA.
2.  Ability to perform the same function on groups of messages (delete, 
keep as new, move to folder, etc.)  This can be done in AOL but it 
takes forever.  Worse, if I accidentally click or hit enter on any part 
of any email, the post opens up and all the checkboxes are cleared - ya 
gotta start all over again.
3.   Ability to easily reply and forward messages without JAWS going 
otu of forms mode.
4.   Hopefully there are no monotonous notices that a housewife lost 30 
pounds by eating nothing but her toenails eppearing as an entry in the 
list of functions such
as New Mail, Old Mail, IMs, Sent, Deleted Mail, Dieting Houswife, 
Contacts, Brad and Angelina adopt a gorilla, Calendar, Folders and 
Teeth sandblasting toothpaste.
5.  I already have a yahoo account, a g-mail account and several 
accounts from my cable company (Charter) - anybody prefer one of them?
6.  If anyone knows of a good source for learning about accessibility 
of email systems, that would be helpful.

       I will appreciate any and all suggestions - other than those who 
tell me where I can shove my email - unless they're really funny.


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