[Nfbmo] Best email system for screen readers

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 28 03:17:29 UTC 2009

Hi Dan. I would suggest Microsoft Outlook is a good alternative. If you 
happen to have the office suite, it is part of that. If not, there is always 
Windows mail which I assume, for Vista users, is much like Outlook express.

I would like to know more about Angelina the gorilla who needs adopting and 
lives only on such sustenance as she can get from her toenails.

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> Hi all,
>      In accordance with the Law of the Inevitability of Behavioral Change 
> ("People will continue to do what they are doing until it is more painful 
> to continue than it is to change")
> I have finally decided that AOL is simply too painful to continue to 
> subject myself to it's intrusive commercialism than it is to learn 
> something new.
>     What do y'all find to be the best email program, client, etc.?  I have 
> a high speed DSL, a reasonably powerful processor, substantial memory and 
> plenty of disk space.
>     I use JAWS.
> Features I want:
> 1.  No huge all-inclusive environment - AOL takes up a huge amount of 
> memory, space and crashes VISTA.
> 2.  Ability to perform the same function on groups of messages (delete, 
> keep as new, move to folder, etc.)  This can be done in AOL but it takes 
> forever.  Worse, if I accidentally click or hit enter on any part of any 
> email, the post opens up and all the checkboxes are cleared - ya gotta 
> start all over again.
> 3.   Ability to easily reply and forward messages without JAWS going otu 
> of forms mode.
> 4.   Hopefully there are no monotonous notices that a housewife lost 30 
> pounds by eating nothing but her toenails eppearing as an entry in the 
> list of functions such
> as New Mail, Old Mail, IMs, Sent, Deleted Mail, Dieting Houswife, 
> Contacts, Brad and Angelina adopt a gorilla, Calendar, Folders and Teeth 
> sandblasting toothpaste.
> 5.  I already have a yahoo account, a g-mail account and several accounts 
> from my cable company (Charter) - anybody prefer one of them?
> 6.  If anyone knows of a good source for learning about accessibility of 
> email systems, that would be helpful.
>       I will appreciate any and all suggestions - other than those who 
> tell me where I can shove my email - unless they're really funny.
> Thanks,
> Dan
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