[Nfbmo] Happy New Year from Us!

Peter Donahue pdonahue1 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 1 07:14:22 UTC 2009

Happy New Year NFB of Missouri! It's been a quiet evening here in Alamo 
Heights. Mary has been reading books all evening, and another NFB affiliate 
has me in the pressure cooker to finish their Web site for launch next week. 
As I did prior to the 2008 NFBMO State Convention it's been many late nights 
getting this thing ready for prime time. What better way to spend a New 
Year's Eve then creating yet another vehicle for us to get our positive view 
of blindness and the true capabilities of the blind out to the masses. And 
this vehicle has challenged me to upgrade my skill set in unexpected ways. 
It's my first immersion in to the World of setting up and creating Web 
blogs, calendars, and wikis. The push is on, but at lease I'm not heading to 
anyone's state convention next week soI'll have lots of time to come up for 
air after this project goes live.

    Gail we're glad your surgery went all right despite the complications. 
Both of us are feeling great after having operations last summer. Mary is 
doing much better and I can sit here and work on Web projects without having 
ulcer pain. Amen to that. Here's hoping 2009 will be a blessed year for all 
of you and the rest of the federation family. Take care, and we'll keep the 
cyber fires burning in 2009.

Peter and Mary Donahue


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