[Nfbmo] Happy Anniversary

Eugene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Mon Jan 19 04:02:07 UTC 2009

It slipped my mind but an anniversary has recently occurred.
Our web site recently celebrated it's 10th anniversary. The National Federation of the Blind of Missouri website came on line on December 22, 1998.
The site was purposed by Darin Kasterke and our first Web Master was Larry Coulter.
Since then Larry Murphy and Dan Flacer have headed things up. Our current web guru is Pete Donohue. I may have forgotten a web master or two in there. 
Anyway, this is an important anniversary for our affiliate and it seems  appropriate to recognize it.
The one piece of content that has been on the site since the very first day is the great seal of the State of Missouri; now there's a trivia fact for everyone.

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