[Nfbmo] Email problem

Eugene Coulter escoulter at centurytel.net
Wed Jan 28 03:22:39 UTC 2009

It seems that when I signed up for a new ISP a year and a half ago they preset  a spam filter at their server at maximum protection. As a result gradually more and more people were being shown as spammers and I stopped getting most of my messages from them unknown. It all started with Gail Bryant because  she sent an excessive number of Emails in one day according to the ISP protocol. When set at maximum filter she had had the audacity to send 3 messages the same day.
Anyway more and more  messages were blocked at random. I got most nfbmo list serve message but  it appears two thirds of Electronics talk message were block.    So, the long and short  of it is that I have changed all of the settings and should get  your messages. I am going through the Junk folder in  WebMail for the last year and half  (started in August of 2007 up to November 2007) looking for critical things so far only one found one.
If you sent me a message in the last year and a half that I have apparently ignored my deepest apoligies. What finally drove me to look even closer is when the receipt for my electric bills was not being issued.
Again I apoligize for my ignorance and hope this message isn't being blocked by your EMail filters.

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