[Nfbmo] What should cities do for blind people

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Christi, you say there are several blind people in your community, I guess 
that is where I would start. I would talk to them since they are familiar 
with Boonville more so than those of us who live in other cities. If 
possible you may offer them a ride to the meeting if transportation is an 
issue in Boonville. Maybe they would appreciate the offer and wish to come 
along to speak to their needs.

I would also like to take this  opportunity to invite you and the blind 
people you know in Boonville to a Columbia chapter meeting.

Good Luck!
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>I have written a few things but suspect many of you have good ideas for
> Christi. Please respond to her directly but I'd love to have a copy and 
> you
> might share it on the NFBMO list as well.
> Gary
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> Hello friend!
> Well, here I am writing again to ask your advice on something.  I have to
> preface this by saying that I trust in your opinions and I want to know 
> what
> you think when I ask these things.  I want to help the folks in my 
> community
> who are blind, but I don't want to go into it as a sighted person who 
> thinks
> I can relate to their exact experiences.  I think I have a pretty good 
> grasp
> of things, but I would be a liar if I said I know everything because I 
> don't
> live it.  That said, here is the situation on which I would love your 
> input
> :
> I was invited to come to an ADA compliance workshop at city hall tonight. 
> I
> am kind of involved on two levels of this.  One being that I have a
> disability of my own... ha-ha, that sounds funny.  It is my disability and 
> I
> own it!  Ha!  Let me get back on track here!  The second level would be my
> sincere interest in the blind community and wanting to make things more
> equal for everyone. I know that the city is looking to make improvements 
> for
> those with disabilities, but to this point has focused more on the
> wheelchair bound individuals than others.  My cousin is a wheelchair
> traveler in town and will certainly benefit from the new ideas.  But I 
> also
> know that there are several children (as well as some adults) in the
> community that would benefit from things being more user friendly for 
> blind
> travelers.  I have been asked to give input on both issues and want to 
> make
> the best of the opportunity.
> I remember at one NFB meeting they were talking about the sidewalks in
> Columbia and some changes that were being made there.  I remember someone
> mentioning that the changes made to some of the curbs were actually 
> causing
> more difficulty instead of less.  Going into this meeting, I would like 
> some
> first hand ideas from you (or anyone else you can think of) that would
> benefit the blind in our community.  There has been talk of Braille 
> signage
> at some of the main intersections and some other things.  I would really
> like to know what an ideal situation would be.  I know "ideal" is a lot to
> ask for, but I guess I would like to have some kind of goal to work 
> toward.
> I'm not sure I am wording this all exactly the way I want to, but I am
> hoping you will get the idea and the honest intent behind it.  Can you 
> offer
> any input?
> Thanks as always for your help.  I can't walk a mile in your shoes, but I
> can walk beside you for a very long way.  That's what I am trying to do 
> for
> the folks here.
> Thanks!
> Christi
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