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Subject: Volunteers for Braille Book Flea Market

> Hello All:
> As usual, I am out looking for volunteers for the Braille Book Flea 
> Market.
> IF you, or you have individuals in your affiliate who would like something
> to do Sunday afternoon, have I got the jobs for them.  I am looking for
> volunteers to work from noon till 4:30, may get off earlier, and then from
> 4:45 till 7:30.
> I do not want to take anyone away from Division meetings.
> This year, it looks like I can not count on UPS to bring in any volunteers
> to help.  Some folks have said they will be there and that is great, but I
> need a few more to work this wonderful event.  Please let me know if you
> can, or you have some folks you would like to assign to be there.  I will 
> be
> glad to work with sighted siblings-young teens, that parents would like to
> have occupied.
> They can contact me in my room at the hotel to let me know they are 
> coming,
> or via email.
> Thanks for your help with this.
> Peggy Chong

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