[Nfbmo] Family Outing Flier on Web site

Peter Donahue pdonahue1 at sbcglobal.net
Wed May 6 03:27:22 UTC 2009

Good evening everyone,

    The flier concerning the up-coming Family Outing to be held in Columbia 
next month is now available on the affiliate Web Site:

    You can view the flier online or download it in ASCII Text, Rich Text, 
or in Microsoft Word Formats from the site home page or from the online 
flier page at:

    I'm continuing to work on other site areas. Last Thursday we had a power 
failure. When power was restored it fried Mary's PC making it necessary to 
replace her CPU courtesy of Uncle Sam.

    You never know when opportunities present themselves. Along with a new 
box for Mary I was finally able to purchess a Dell Laptop and will be 
configuring that machine and getting it ready for action later this month 
when our uVerse Service is installed.  Soon there will be one more person 
skilled in the art of recording and streaming events such as NFB affiliate 
functions. No one was harmed when Mary's old PC blew up and everyone here is 

    I'm having to divide my time between working on affiliate Web site 
projects and setting up the new PCS but expect to have most of them 
completed by the national convention. Here's hoping Cindy, Mary and I will 
see many of you in Detroit. All the best and happy Mothers Day to all of the 
mothers and mothers to be on these lists.

Peter Donahue

"Given a chance to dream it can be done    .
The promise of tomorrow is real.
Children of Spaceship Earth the future belongs to us all."
Flying for Me,
John Denver 

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