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David Andrews

A world of adventure, opportunity, and 
independence awaits you or your child at Camp 
Tuhsmeheta. Situated just west of Greenville, 
Michigan (near Grand Rapids), our summer programs 
will expand your horizons and allow your 
imagination to run wild. Whether you live nearby 
or across the country, we'd love to see you at camp this summer.
Attending the 2009 NFB convention in Detroit? Our 
popular family camp runs from July 9-12, so you 
can join us right after the convention activities 
wind down. Ask us about transportation from the convention to camp.

Below you'll find our complete summer schedule. 
For more information, please visit
<http://www.campt.org>http://www.campt.org or 
Email <mailto:campdirector at campt.org>campdirector at campt.org

We'd love to see you at Camp T!

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Sense-sational Summer Camp– June 21 – 26 ($250) 
Ages 7 through high school grads - Start your 
summer off with a sizzle.  Camp T is named for 
the 4 senses you have when you are blind.  We’re 
going to use them all this week. We’ll enjoy a 
Braille-a-thon scavenger hunt.  We’ll sniff the 
scents in our herb garden. We’ll listen to the 
birds sing and sing some songs ourselves.  Taste 
the s’mores you make, and make new friends.  A 
great week for newcomers and lifers at Camp T.

Family Camp – July 9-12 For Blind People of ALL 
Ages and Their Families  ($25 per person 7 or 
over) This is our premier networking event for 
blind kids and parents, blind parents and kids - 
Family camp is 4 days of fun for families - 
Games, canoeing, singing, campfire cooking and 
workshops for blind and sighted participants (including sighted siblings).

Kid’s Discovery Camp – July 12 – 17 ($250) FUN and Empowering

For campers 7 to 12 years old -    Go to Camp T 
and experience adventure, independence and 
encouragement.  Nature walks, swimming, cookouts, 
arts and crafts, singing. Learn to make easy 
meals, and be part of a talent show.

  Culinary Camp -- July 12 – 17 ($250) Cooking for Yourself is Independence

For campers 13 through High School grads 
-   Campers learn the skills needed to feed 
themselves, their friends and families.  You will 
slice, measure, boil, grill, bake and have FUN. 
The Iron Chef <?xml:namespace prefix = st2 ns = 
"urn:schemas:contacts" />Cook Off is Exciting!

Prom July 17-18-19 ($50) for teens 13 through 
high school grads - A formal dinner and dancing. 
Campers decorate the hall and professional 
hairdressers prepare them for this special evening.

Braille / Drama Camp = Fun with Braille July 
19-26 ($300) ages 7 through High School grads 
-  Braille makes a blind person literate. With 
good Braille skills you will be more likely to 
get a job and go to college and be 
successful.  We are working to make this week FUN 
and educational.  Games, reading and writing, and 
practice, practice, practice.   We will be 
producing and recording several short plays.  YOU could be a STAR.

Music Camp  July 26 - Aug 2  ($300) For campers 7 
through High School grads -  We work on musical 
skills, make music and produce a CD of our final 
concert.  This week includes workshops on 
singing, song writing, playing instruments and 
more, plus all the usual camp activities like swimming and campfire cooking.

The GREAT Race – Adventure Camp Aug 2 -15 ($600) 
for campers 13 through High School grads - 
Prepare yourself for adventure a LOT of 
FUN.  You’ll get lots of exercise, cook over a 
campfire and more.   Teams work together to win 
first place, but nobody loses, this is going to 
be an awesome trip.  Details on the trip are 
being worked out.  You will sing songs, hoist 
sails, navigate using GPS units, sleep in tents, 
paddle a canoe, ride tandem bikes and there is a 
waterfall in your future.  Limited to 18 people so register early.

Scholarships are available for those who need them.

Please email campdirector at campt.org for more information

Camp Tuhsmeheta

10500 Lincoln Lake Rd, Greenville, MI 48838

For more information visit <http://www.campt.org/>www.campt.org (616) 754-5410

J.J. Meddaugh
Assistant Camp Director
Camp Tuhsmeheta


As a service to its users, the Michigan 
Department of Education offers the use of Camp 
Tuhsmeheta to Opportunities Unlimited for the 
Blind. This does not constitute endorsement or 
support of information or services offered by OUB 
or any other organization, group or individual 
providing services or programs at Camp 
Tuhsmeheta. Furthermore, neither the Michigan 
Department of Education nor any of its employees 
or contractors assumes any legal liability or 
responsibility for programs and services offered 
at Camp Tuhsmeheta by any group, organization or individual.

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