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We made history with the launch of the Louis Braille Bicentennial Commemorative Coin. On may 11 a different sort of history was made. STS-125, the final shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope, included in its payload a pair of Louis Braille silver dollars.


To commemorate this landmark moment in our history and to celebrate the safe return of the crew of STS-125, we will be holding "landing parties" on May 22. We encourage all chapters, divisions and affiliates to host celebrations to honor our great accomplishments and spread awareness about the importance of our Braille coin. Whether you hold a public event at a restaurant or incorporate the Braille coin into your Memorial Day barbecue, we are confident that celebrating with a landing party can be a fun and entertaining way to both honor our great achievements and underscore the importance of Braille in all our lives.


We have once again made history in the National Federation of the Blind, and we should all feel proud of our accomplishments. Let's celebrate!



Fred Schroeder

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