[Nfbmo] Odds Better Than the Lottery

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Wed May 27 23:00:27 UTC 2009

In january, we kicked off sales for our 2009 NFBMO Affiliate Raffle. The
drawing for the winner of $500 will take place immediately following this
year's national convention in Detroit. I hope you have been selling tickets
like hot cakes as everyone is interested in cash these days. This project
gives members of the community an opportunity to help us. It is not limited
to our own pockets as is some of our projects.  I hope all of you will
concentrate on  ticket sales between now and national convention. If you are
not going to the convention, please be sure to bring or send your tickets to
the state board meeting on June 7th in Columbia or mail them to me at the
address shown below. Just remember I need the money, stubs and any unsold
tickets. If you are going to the convention please turn in your sold ticket
stubs and money or bring it with you. I am asking that you keep your unsold
tickets so you can start selling as soon as you get to Detroit. We will
continue sales throughout  the convention. As American Express says: "Don't
Leave Home Without Them!" If you don't have any tickets please arrange to
get some from me as soon as you get to Detroit. My address is: 7928 NW
Milrey Drive, Kansas City, MO 64152. My phone numbers are 816-741-6402
(home) and 816-679-5258 (cell). 


Remember that the more successful our fund raising projects are, the more
successful our outreach programs can be.

Shelia Wright, Chair

Ways & Means

National Federation of the Blind of Missouri


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